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“Once upon a time, there was an old woman who lived in a lonely cottage” in the country?  Yes, of course, it was the country.  Or, was it really a house in the city?  According the Brothers Grimm, it surely … Continue reading



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Space Jockey Reviews is pleased to present the much-awaited, official trailer for the independent, dark fantasy film, Rose White.  “Based on the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale Snow-White and Rose-Red, Rose White pits dark reality against an even darker fantasy, in … Continue reading

Space Jockey Reviews Star Showcase: DENEEN MELODY


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Deneen Melody, as most of you know, is the beautiful and talented star of Crestfallen, featured here on Space Jockey Reviews.  Of course, Deneen must be added to the Star Showcase, because of her performance in this short film alone.  … Continue reading



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Movies that tell a story without words are some of the most powerful.  Because there are no words, the visual palate of the film must paint its imagery all the more vividly in the mind of the viewer.  Crestfallen is … Continue reading