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Join Space Jockey Reviews Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt for an interview with the out-of-this-world “Blue Girl” herself–Nadine L’Esperance. The writer, producer, and director of The Unknown Alter Ego, Maya’s Journal, Madame Soleil’s Tea Party, and No Pets Allowed reveals secrets to filmmaking, why _____________ is such an inspiration (yes, did she really attend an event with who we think she did), and what inspires her to explore the darkest sides of the human mind…with uncanny accuracy, every time? Oh, and what about the creature in The Unknown Alter Ego “hatching, sprouting, or growing from a lump of something on the floor…”? How did Nadine do that?

Oh, yes! WHATEVER YOU DO, don’t dare miss the photo of Nadine with a collar and whip, now famous in galaxies (and other dimensions) across the universe to infinity, immortalized already with the stars, at light speed! Hyperbolic, you think? A little too much pulchritude and talent for just one woman, you guess? Well, guess and think again; but, not before you take your first of many, no doubt subsequent looks, at the photo itself! 😀

So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and launch the interview above, along with the photos and links below! What’s better? Is better even possible at this point? Yes! Hundreds of Nadine photos accompany the interview too! A wild ride with the Blue Girl is one that can’t be beat!

Nadine L'Esperance 023Nadine L'Esperance 024_________________________________________________________________________

Nadine L'Esperance 010


Nadine L'Esperance 018

With Nadine, pets are always allowed!


Nadine L'Esperance 009

The ultra-talented Nadine is a great cook too! Mmm mmm!

Nadine L'Esperance 067

Nadine L’Esperence, posing for a photo with her filmmaking friends, Jen and Sylvia Soska–The one and only (or two and only) Twisted Twins!

Nadine L'Esperance 001

An irresistible photo of Nadine, in her earlier years, as a most alluring model with a collar and whip! Oh boy!

Nadine L'Esperance 053

Sword Licking! One of Nadine’s earlier “alter ego” talents, done as well as ever here!

Nadine L'Esperance 036

Yes! That’s Nadine with her #1 inspiration, Bruce Campbell!

Stop in for tea at Madame Soleil’s Tea Party below!

Meet Lucy Luxe‘s demented doppelgĂ€nger in The Unknown Alter Ego!

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Follow Nadine L’Esperance on Twitter @BlueLEsperance!

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No Pets Allowed is an SJR-favorite movie and review! Click here, and see why!

Check out Nadine’s friend, Mack Wire, from The Fight United, on Youtube!

Check out cosmically-complelling punk from The Fight United!

Don’t miss the music of DarKsLide and Spree Killers (also in No Pets Allowed)!

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