The Unknown Alter Ego

Alter egos can be the damndest things! The person (or, in this case, the thing) our subconscious secretly wants to be can be the most dangerous and self-destructive of things, as well–a mystery that pursues our dreams (or nightmares) for reasons we don’t always understand; a true catch 22, a double-edged sword, and all other similar metaphors, similes, and the like.  Never being what we want, we wither a little, are diminished somewhat, and never shine quite as brightly; but, being that secret fantasy can also be the death of all we know, the loss of all we love, or maybe even the end of our own existence.

In Nadine L’Epererance‘s latest video “The Unknown Alter Ego”, there is exactly such a frightening alternative to the reality of one woman’s existence.  The exact alternative is, as the title suggests, “unknown”; and here, the mystery is, indeed, all the better.  The terrifying message is delivered with power to spare, ever heightened in its ambiguity.  After all, isn’t it the truly unknown that is truly terrifying? Yes, of course it is! That’s what makes “The Unknown Alter Ego” all the more truly terrifying!  😀

Lucy Luxe as “The Unknown Alter Ego”

Who is that sharp-toothed, primal, growling woman, with nothing less than blood running from her hungry, gaping mouth? Why is she stalking her doppelganger opposite–a frightened, cowering incarnation of herself, fearing death by her own alter-ego?  Yes, a sort of twisted suicide attempt it is; while, in a way, a homicide as well! Such are the twisted webs we weave in the most horrific places on Earth–our own minds!

And if all the horror’s not enough, take a look–or yet another look–at that grab-you-by-the-collar cat suit! Yes, sexy and dangerous make the cat purr all the louder here, and somehow make the horror all the more…horrific Alluring, attractive, and terrifying! Little else could be more frightening than what pulls us toward death, distracting us, even for a moment, from our mortality. 😀

Occam’s Razor, as you know, is the law of parsimony, economy, or succinctness. It is a principle stating that among competing hypotheses, the one that makes the fewest assumptions should be selected. In other words, the simplest answer is likely correct.  “What’s the question about this short but most effective video?” you ask.  “What does Occam’s Razor have to do with this?”  First, we must consider a simple question: How does one deliver engrossing fear and dread in just three minutes?  The answer to that is also simple.  In “The Unknown Alter Ego”, Nadine L’Epererance indeed gives the Occam’s Razor answer to this question.  Be primal!

Among many indelible images in “The Unknown Alter Ego” is a creature (as it appears to be) hatching, sprouting, or growing from a lump of something on the floor, in a dark and unknown place.  Doesn’t this remind us of a million places we’ve never thought of before, buried deep in our subconscious, carried with us through some collective sense of fear?  Of course!  I could go on and on, but as they say, “Enough said!”  😀

Who is this woman/unknown alter ego?  Her name is Lucy Luxe!  She explodes on the screen with pure fear, dread, and horror, condensed–as powerful as all the highlights from a full-length feature.  I can only imagine what Lucy could do in a 90-minute film.  I suspect that she’ll be proving it all to us soon enough! Space Jockey Reviews will be sure to keep it’s rockets on patrol for the latest about Lucy Luxe; so keep those telescopes aimed for the stars, and stay tuned! 😀

Who again is the director, cowriter, editor, and cinematographer behind this short but powerful piece of a filmmaking? Nadine L’Epererance! Fast doses of concentrated, no-nonsense fear have never been so efficiently delivered. Yes, Nadine goes for the throat and bites hard, leaving all the fat of most films far behind. Nadine L’Esperance (I love her name!) also produced and directed the short film Madame Soleil’s Tea Party, currently making its rounds in the film festival circuit. (Look for Madame Soleil’s Tea Party later, on Space Jockey Reviews! It’s another you won’t want to miss!)

For all of the images that make “The Unknown Alter Ego” burn its place in your brain, check out the whole video below, complete with all its raw, fear-inducing force.  Whatever you do, stay in touch with your inner self, but, as they say, be careful what you wish for! 😀

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Blue Girl Productions Presents “The Unknown Alter Ego”, Written by Lucy Luxe! and Nadine L’Epererance, Directed by Nadine L’Esperance, with Director of Photography Nadine L’Esperance, Make-up by Dana Allan, with Lighting/Assistant Angela St.Lopez; Location provided by Tom Small of Tom’s East Vin, with music courtesy of Incompotech,  filmed in Vancouver British Columbia

Below, are more awesome production photos (and behind-the-scenes shots) from “The Unknown Alter Ego”! Check them out! (Click on images to enlarge.)



Nadine L’Esperance and Lucy Luxe on the set of The Unknown Alter Ego


Make-up Artist Dana Allan preparing Lucy Luxe on the set of The Unknown Alter Ego

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