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Karen Eva Chin 002I am a Malaysian-Chinese named Karen Eva Chin from a little town called Kuching in Sarawak, Malaysia located on the Borneo Island. I write on a wide array of topics and pick on thought-processes that cross everyone’s mind but are too menial to complete. Honestly, I am not a big fan or gore, cheap scares, robots and knights, but I love a good storyline. I am a trained occupational therapist, who is now working as a singer (and independent songwriter) and writer, and sometimes makeup artist. I am currently writing for seeds.borneopost.com which is a local newspaper gone online, and that’s the youth section. You can follow me on Twitter @karenevachin and subscribe to me on Facebook (Karen Eva Chin), or just plain google me for random stuff like YouTube videos, my stuff on Bandcamp and SoundCloud, and whatever else that might be interesting.

Click on the links below for all of Karen’s great articles and reviews on SJR. In true Space Jockey style, Karen’s perspective is always out of this world! 😀

LOTR: A Girl’s Perspective

The Film-Versus-Books Debate on Harry Potter

Ways Maleficent Empowers Women

Peter Quill’s Awesome Mixtape

Thoughts and Theories I Had When Watching Stephen King’s IT (2017)

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