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“I just feel so empty inside.” Is depression horror?  Absolutely, yes!  It’s what Space Jockey Reviews calls real-world horror.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Twenty-five million Americans suffer from depression each … Continue reading

Lonely Holidays


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Wouldn’t you love to have some company for the holidays?  Wouldn’t you like to receive the perfect gift from your special someone?  Wait!  Before you say yes, turn on your brain and think.  Who is it?  How long have you … Continue reading

Undying Love for You: An Official Selection at Imaginarium 2014


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Yes! You read that headline correctly! Undying Love for You (Space Jockey Reviews’ first feature-film) is now an official selection at Imaginarium 2014–a film festival in SJR’s hometown of Louisville, Kentucky! Directed by Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt and actress/writer … Continue reading

Undying Love for You with John Horrordude Ginder


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Space Jockey Reviews Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt, along with Lien Mya Nguyen (aka Space Jockey Mya) and Stephen Oost, recently took another much-anticipated trip to Indianapolis to see none-other-than John Horrordude Ginder. What was it all about this time … Continue reading

Undying Love for You – Alive and Well in Postproduction


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When true love happens, it happens big–one way or another! That’s why the arrival of not one but two trailers for the latest Space Jockey Reviews production, Undying Love for You, is not surprising–but instead, an equally huge event anywhere … Continue reading

John Horrordude Ginder Interview


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Humans and aliens alike are talking about the latest interview with John Horrordude Ginder.  Space Jockey Reviews recently caught up with John at his home in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The cosmic crew onboard was SJR Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt, actress … Continue reading