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Suppose the Grim Reaper, besides being the harvester of human souls, was just like anybody else; suppose he otherwise had a “normal” life like the rest of us, complete with familial issues and fatherhood frustrations galore.  Yes, just like so … Continue reading

The Little Reaper Has Arrived!


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With a distinct, most appropriate Rod Serling style he said, inflecting just the right words, in just the righ way: “Here’s a tale from beyond that Space Jockey Reviews has watched since it was…but a premonition, a mere mystery of … Continue reading

The New World


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A camera pans through an idyllic hillside that could be anywhere, focusing us, eventually, on a particular, but not unusual tree.  Yes, this could be any tree and anywhere but, soon enough, we see that it’s not.  A hand reaches … Continue reading