Forbidden Forest: A Realm of Love and Evil


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Who is that beautiful jilted lover, bleeding tears of pain, hunting prey that broke a promise? Whose pound of flesh is captured in her gaze? From whom and what heart flows revenge so viscous? Yes! It’s none other than THE … Continue reading

Awesome Ways Maleficent Can Empower Women


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By Karen Eva Chin SPOILER ALERT! This article reveals many plot twists. It would be like reading a Wikipedia article, before going to see the movie. 😀 Disney’s latest movie Maleficent is formed around their 1959 classic Sleeping Beauty. Only … Continue reading

The New World


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A camera pans through an idyllic hillside that could be anywhere, focusing us, eventually, on a particular, but not unusual tree.  Yes, this could be any tree and anywhere but, soon enough, we see that it’s not.  A hand reaches … Continue reading



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Space Jockey Reviews is pleased to present the much-awaited, official trailer for the independent, dark fantasy film, Rose White.  “Based on the Grimm Brothers’ fairy tale Snow-White and Rose-Red, Rose White pits dark reality against an even darker fantasy, in … Continue reading