How to Survive a Horror Film


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In my years watching horror films, I’ve accumulated a book’s worth of advice for surviving one.  Yes!  Life in a horror movie is a close call at death every minute.  Arteries are cut, necks are broken, bodies are eviscerated, experimented … Continue reading

The Orbs


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THE ORBS! What are they? Balls of floating, glowing lights, zipping in and out of sight, like an apparition, obvious but not to be seen! Where did they come from–the moon, outer space, or someplace farther away, perhaps the center … Continue reading

Riley’s Vlog: Thoughts on Aliens, Mars, and Curiosity


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Wow! Even the crew at Space Jockey Reviews, with otherworldly wisdom and wonder to spare, has never pondered before, with such intense, intelligent depth, about life, beyond Earth, to the stars, out of our galaxy, past the limits. With light-speed … Continue reading



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“Every king has his reign, and then he dies. It’s inevitable.” ~ Meredith Vickers As Prometheus begins, we are moved, like a bird, through clouds, over a beautiful landscape—a terrain with rivers and mountains leveling off to geography that seems … Continue reading