Raven’s Hollow is a great short film sent to me just in time for Halloween! Even though it’s animated, it loses none of the scary effects needed for the season. Everything about it makes it (rather than just memorable) something that could even become a Halloween tradition for some–like a Disney’s Legend of Sleepy Hollow for adults. It’s even accented by a perfect retro-style supernatural/slasher theme, complete with, among other things, teenagers at a drive-in making out while the should-be-babysat kid sits unhappily in the backseat, eventually causing more trouble than kissing ever would. Yes, it’s is a recipe for all the endearing things we love, no matter how often we see them. Even if ever cliche, such things connect with a reality for most of us, keeping them fresh and biting all the same. And yes, Raven’s Hollow has the bite that keeps on biting! 😀

A film-within-a-film in Raven’s Hollow

One of many big things this short film sustains for full-length time is a fast pace with lots of suspense. It’ll keep you wanting to know what’s next for all its 11 minutes, before you have time to even think about stopping it. Also unique and captivating is the film-within-a-film-within-a-film venue–each with it’s own unique look and style. Just when you think you’re in the main story, you’re not…or, once again, maybe you are. The story keeps playing with your mind, keeping you thinking, guessing and wondering, without abusing you or making you feel cheated in the end. (You know the type I’m talking about! But, this isn’t that type.)

From Director Colin Clarke himself: “Billy, his sister Lisa, and her boyfriend Mike, spend a night at a drive-in theater after trick-or-treating on Halloween. When Billy threatens to walk home through an old cornfield, Mike tells him a legend of Old Farmer Blood, who is said to have seeded his field with the blood of murder victims. When Billy disbelieves, Mike leads the trio into a nightmare of unrelenting terror.” Yes, that synopsis pretty much sums up this sinister story (without spoilers) in the seminal Samhain style–so, I’ll leave it there. Oh, and I mean “seminal” in the sense that Samhain “stongly influences later developments”, and movies like this, of course; so, don’t even think about it otherwise. Plus, it did add some nice alliteration too, didn’t it?  😀

A cornfield, a full moon, and Halloween all add up to one creepy short-film fear fest!

Yes, I’m on a busy schedule as usual, but, after watching Raven’s Hollow, I couldn’t resist throwing it on in, just in time for Halloween. I even got one of those extra-special Halloween feelings (“up my leg”, so to speak) that almost defies words, even for someone so wordy as myself. 😀 It’s the type that makes you think of Jack-O-Lanterns that aren’t as harmless and hollow as we think; of cornfields in a full moon more menacing than they should be–especially with that scarecrow that probably frightens more than birds. I could go on and on, until it takes me longer than 11 minutes to review an 11-minute movie. I could go on and on, until I start talking about more things you already know. So, with all that, go ahead and watch Raven’s Hollow below. Why not? The whole movie is there, it’s free, you know you want to, and to use a cliche that’s really true this time…there aren’t many better things you could do with 11 minutes anyway! Whatever you do, remember this: don’t go to the drive in, babysit the kids at home (with the doors locked), and whatever you do, don’t ever go in a cornfield at night, even if a full moon lights your way! 😀

Did I mention this scarecrow has a scythe? Oh my!

Raven’s Hollow was the winner of the 1st Place Award at the On the Waterfront Film Festival 2011, and was an official selection at the Gen Con Indy Film Festival 2011, Mile High Horror Film Festival 2011, Dark Carnival Film Festival 2011, Buffalo Screams Film Festival 2011, Beloit International Film Festival 2011, and the Tri-Cities International Fantastic Film Festival 2011, and was shown at the Halloween 2011 edition of Rue Morgue’s Little Terrors monthly short film event in Toronto.

Director Colin Clarke is currently at work on his first live-action short, WITCHFINDER. Daredevil Films presents a Darkhouse production, Raven’s Hollow, starring the voices of Gavin Phillips, Travis Worthey, and Stephanie Pax. Music is by Andrew Kalbfus; animation by Colin Clarke; motion comic by Andrew Carlson and Colin Clarke. Raven’s Hollow was written by Marc Packard and Colin Clarke, produced by Andrew Carlson and Colin Clarke, and directed by Colin Clarke. Enjoy!

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