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CREATOR: gd-jpeg v1.0 (using IJG JPEG v62), quality = 80Chris Rennirt is a lifetime resident of Louisville, Kentucky.  He attended the University of Louisville, where he earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and a Master of Arts in Education.  Chris is a writer, a photographer, and an occasional independent film producer and director. He enjoys writing movie reviews, professionally, for films in the genres of horror, science fiction and fantasy.  Chris has been a judge at many film festivals, including Macabre Faire Film Festival and Crimson Screen Film Fest, and he attends horror and sci-fi conventions regularly. Chris owns and operates Space Jockey Reviews, where he is the Editor in Chief.  His movie reviews, articles, interviews, and podcasts are published regularly on SJR and elsewhere.  Chris’ other hobbies and interests include meteorite collecting, colonial living history and reenacting, WWII history, steampunk cosplay, Asian culture, and world travel.  His mission statement for Space Jockey Reviews can be found on the “Mission” page, here at SJR!

“There’s nothing quite like an astronaut, a spaceship, and and an alien planet! They leave the imagination wide open for anything! That spaceship can fly over the moon, beyond the stars to anyplace you want to go. Catch a ride today. Space Jockey Reviews will take you there!” ~ Chris Rennirt

Chris Rennirt may be contacted directly at

Chris Rennirt putting on his best face for the camera. (Photo by Lien Mya Nguyen)

Chris Rennirt putting on his best face for the camera. (Photo by Lien Mya Nguyen)

This duo of living-dead girls is the best you'll find...anywhere!

Chris Rennirt with the Necro Girls at Fandom Fest 2013 in Louisville, Kentucky

Doug Bradley and Me at Fright Night Film Fest (10-4-14)

Chris Rennirt with Doug Bradley (Pinhead) at the Fright Night Film Festival in Louisville, Kentucky

Fandom Fest 2016

Chris Rennirt as Leatherface, having some Halloween fun!

Chris Rennirt with a deadly doll at Days of the Dead (Photo by Kennie Combs Jr.)

Chris Rennirt with a deadly doll at Days of the Dead 2013 (Photo by Kennie Combs Jr.)

Photo by Caplette Images

My Hollywood Star 02


12 thoughts on “Chris Rennirt

    • Thanks, Bill! Yes, I’ve passed by Paris, Kentucky many times on my way to someplace else. I really should stop in there sometime and check it out. I should have gone to see Yes myself. “Your Move” is one of my favorite songs.

  1. Hey Chris, had a great time hanging out with you guys last night for the premier of Prometheus. You guys are cool and like to have fun. Your website is Way Cool!! It’s good to now know someone more into it than me. Hope we can all do another midnight show again. When I told my wife how great the movie was………she just smiled and said…”I’m Glad.”
    Later, Jeff Jarboe.

    • Hi Jeff,

      I sure had a great time hanging out with you guys too! It was a blast for sure, and all the better to be there with other big fans. It’s good to know someone into it “almost” as much as me. As a matter of fact, Jeff, I’ll say that you are the one most closely into it as much me that I’ve ever met–and that’s a BIG compliment to any Alien fan! I am ready to do a midnight showing again anytime. Keep in touch…Chris

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