Riley’s Vlog: Thoughts on Aliens, Mars, and Curiosity

Malia Miglino - My Stupid Heart 01Wow! Even the crew at Space Jockey Reviews, with otherworldly wisdom and wonder to spare, has never pondered before, with such intense, intelligent depth, about life, beyond Earth, to the stars, out of our galaxy, past the limits. With light-speed thinking, Riley (actress Malia Miglino from My Stupid Heart: The Series), puts our cosmic minds in overdrive, working to keep up! Few outbursts, random or planned, have a fraction of the atomic power in the Vlog adventure below. Trust us at SJR; it’s true!

So, get your atoms, neutrinos, and god particles out of the way! Set your neurons to warp speed with synapses on standby! With Riley at the helm, there’s vastly more to the universe than ever imagined–and so many questions! What’s it like on Mars? What would it be like to have aliens friends? What would their names be? Could we pronounce them? Could we speak alien? What would happen if you fell in love with an alien? Is our anatomy compatible? Are aliens even sexual? Yes, Riley answers questions the Drake Equation can’t handle. So, click that start arrow now. Let the countdown begin!

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