Lien Mya Nguyen: An Event Horizon Every Day

Lien Mya NguyenAll it takes is one new and always beautiful photo of Lien Mya Nguyen to launch a new post at Space Jockey Reviews!  Could we show you more?  Of course!  Do we need to? No.  Whether she’s herself, Space Jockey Mya, or Mei in Warlock’s Magic: The Series, Mya is a quantum singularity with NO escape velocity!  Within those eyes, every day, is an event horizon like no other.  So fasten your seat belts, and put your rockets in neutral; let gravity be your guide.  As the Borg always say, “Resistance is futile!” 😀

Be sure to check out the interview with Lien Mya Nguyen on SJR!

Don’t miss everything new with Mya on the “MYA NEWS” page!

Check out Lien Mya Nguyen as Space Jockey Mya on SJR!

 Also see Mya as Mei in Warlock’s Magic: The Series on SJR!

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