Giving – A Beacon of Hope for All Times…in Just Three Minutes!

Space Jockey Reviews rarely strays from its preferred path of horror, sci-fi, and fantasy. But, holy expulsion of white-hole matter and energy back into the universe, ad infinitum! (Yes, that’s a new analogy, well-used here on SJR for this one!) Maybe I should even say it again to insure that you process it to the full extent of its metaphysical meaning. In other words, what an awesome piece of superstellar cinema, captured in all of just three minutes of a commercial from True–a Thai telecommunications conglomerate with more than money-making at heart! And yes, like many others have said, this commercial, quite frankly, puts Hollywood to shame on even its best day—giving more quality content and cinematic force in its three minutes than most high-budget productions do in hours, days, or weeks.

On second thought, maybe this great video isn’t too far from at least one of our Space Jockey genres. Maybe, in fact, it fits perfectly into the genre of fantasies that would (if they could) truly make the world a better place—as a beacon of hope and altruism too often alien here on Earth. But, with the greatest optimism to match, we think otherwise; Giving is right at home on SJR, as a new favorite and certain reality for hope.

Not to give too much away, this short but powerful story is about a man who selflessly gives something precious but simple to a boy when others won’t, only to be paid back exponentially with appreciation years later–unbeknownst to him. No, more won’t be said here; but, even if it was, it wouldn’t do justice to–or spoil–the experience seen for yourself.

In any case, SJR is happy we’ve seen it, and proud doing our part spreading the hope of Giving from the farthest, most unknown places…to the closest places nearby, straight to you. So, enjoy! And whatever you do, as the little boy in the story is, be inspired! Go forth, give, and make the world, if not the universe, a better place!

Rocket Rating - 10

Rocket Rating – 10

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