Effective Magazine


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Okay, here it is!  It’s the magazine you need; the magazine you’ll love, and the magazine that will entertain as well as inform.  Effective Magazine was founded January 2010 by actress, model, and producer Lien Mya Nguyen (our very own … Continue reading

Warlock’s Magic Official Preview


Warlock’s Magic: The Series stars Christopher C. Miller (Eugene “Sticky Fingers”), Lien Mya Nguyen (Mei), Kristina Hagan (Toxina), and Danny Aridi (Jason); it’s directed by Larry Hicks, with a story and screenplay written by Christopher C. Miller, and produced by Kristina … Continue reading

Warlock’s Magic: The Series


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Wow! Space Jockey Reviews has rockets ready to launch with Warlock’s Magic: The Series! What’s it all about? It’s a live-action fantasy from the mega-creative mind of author Christopher C. Miller. For more to tantalize and tease, this quote from … Continue reading