The Dream: Beautiful Bloopers and a New Project from Jennifer Linch

Space Jockey Reviews is launching rockets again over the latest teaser video and exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from actress, writer, director, dancer and producer Jennifer Linch! (Yes, those are just a few of the many hats worn by Jennifer–a gal with more than enough talent for the tasks.) Jennifer’s latest project in production is The Dream–and oh what a beautiful one it is already, impossible to be less with Jennifer as the leading lady! What’s The Dream about? With streamers, wings of silk, and feminine pulchritude to spare, our interest is peaked to the stars! All SJR knows now is not much, but enough to make us want more for sure. The Dream is a fantasy martial-arts comedy, starring Jennifer Linch and Dustin Stern-Garcia, with Jennifer herself as the director of photography and more! Whether jumping to the ground or falling there in a blooper, Jennifer raises expectations to the stratosphere, already, months before the project is complete? What’s the release date? As of now, it’s the fall of 2014.

Bonus bloopers and stunts behind the scenes are treats hard to top on the sneak-peek video. (Be sure to see the rose that falls, before its cut!) Also nice is the Chinese music, notably the end-credit song–one that will stick with you–as well as photos of Jennifer herself. Check out the video above and on-the-set images below! Yes, Jennifer sent them to us, exclusively for SJR! Awesome, as always! 😀

Stay tuned for updates about about The Dream and Malevolenceanother Jennifer Linch project currently in production, also covered on SJR. As an honorary Space Jockey, Jennifer is always on board at SJR, so our contacts are straight from the source! Lucky for us! 😀

In case you missed it earlier (and how could you do that), here’s our interview with Jennifer Linch, exclusively on Space Jockey Reviews!

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And now for the exclusive, behind-the-scenes production photos from the set of The Dream, as promised! And what a dream they are! (Production photography by by Robert Martin Bennett, Tom Truman, and Dan Cymarron.) Enjoy! 😀

Click on images to enlarge!

Jennifer Linch Choice 02

Jennifer Linch on the set with actor Dustin Stern-Garcia

Jennifer Linch Choice 13_________________________________________________________________________

Jennifer Linch Choice 16Jennifer Linch Choice 17


Jennifer Linch Choice 01AJennifer Linch Choice 01B_________________________________________________________________________

Jennifer Linch Choice 06

Jennifer, as if in the cloud of a dream! Excellent!

Jennifer Linch Choice 10

Jennifer Linch and Dustin Stern-Garcia on the set!


Jennifer Linch Choice 14_________________________________________________________________________

Jennifer Linch Choice 07

As Director of Photography, Jennifer checks to make sure everything is just right!

Jennifer Linch Choice 05_________________________________________________________________________

Jennifer Linch Choice 08

Jennifer Linch Choice 18

Fun on the set with Jennifer Linch, Rochell Leslie, and Dustin Stern-Garcia

Jennifer Linch Choice 11B

Jennifer Linch with the The Dream’s cast and crew (Jared Lamp, Dustin Stern-Garcia, Tom Truman, Sean ML, and Romualdo Caraballo)

Jennifer Lynch 141 - Dan Cymarron

The ultimate in graceful beauty is Jennifer Linch, captured here by Dan Cymarron from Studio One Photography!

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