WARNING! Viewer discretion is advised for the short films and videos below.  They contain generous amounts of gore and other disturbing images!  However, if you’re a gore hound like me, the words “viewer discretion advised” usually mean something good is about to happen! 🙂

#19 is a great short film, no matter how you slice it (no pun intended).  It was the 1st place winner at the Nightmare to Remember Film Fest in 2008.  #19 was directed by Tommy Merry and written by Curt Pennington and, yes, Tommy Merry again. It stars Matthew Magennis, Sarah Klaren, Patrick Donahue, Evelynn Faith Harmer, Lizzie Lisha, and Grace Gaoaen.  #19 is definitely rated R, so watch at your own discretion.  Fans of the genre will, no doubt, find this one a real treat.  I look forward to seeing more of Tommy Merry’s work in the future, as I’m sure he has quite a career ahead!  His work is as professional as anything Hollywood has to offer, with a bold realism that Hollywood lacks the nerve to produce.  Whether or not you like the genre, the talent in the filmmaking here is undeniable.  Tommy advises up and coming filmmakers to “Do the shit that scares you…Don’t puss out on it.”  (I like that advice!)  For more information about Tommy Merry, see his website at www.TommyMerry.com.  Also, check out The Horror, Horror HORROR films of Tommy Merry on Facebook!  Oh, and I must give Sarah Klaren a Space Jockey Rocket Award for her butt-kicking performance as “Beautiful.”  Sarah serves up one stand-out performance, for sure!  Congratulations, Sarah! 🙂

The next quarantined scene is from a horror movie called Urban Legends: Bloody MaryIt’s one of the best death scenes I’ve ever found in a horror film. Maybe it’s because I have a fear of things crawling out of my body. On my body is bad enough, but coming from within is something that gives me the worst of nightmares. Watch this one at your own risk!

For better or worse, there’s more to come! Stay tuned…at your own risk!


Elizabeth Mears (as Janet) in a scene now famous at Space Jockey Reviews

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