Listed below are questions frequently asked about Space Jockey Reviews.  The questions are, of course, followed by the answers.  Please take the time to look over this information, as there is more to know than you may think.  Reading this will help you have the most productive experiences while visiting.  If you have a question that is not answered below, please post it in the comment box following the questions.  I will answer your question personally and/or post an answer to it here in this section.  FAQ comments are checked regularly.  Thanks for stopping in, and enjoy your visit!

Do the reviews on Space Jockey Reviews contain “spoilers”?  Please remember that any review (including those on Space Jockey Reviews) may contain what some consider spoilers. Although I do my best to avoid gratuitous spoilers, I cannot guarantee my reviews to be completely free of them. If you do not like movie photos, event descriptions, and/or analyses of content in movies you haven’t seen, please use discretion in reading any review on this website. If, at any point, you feel you are reading, seeing, and or generally learning too much about a movie, please stop rather than continue. This is only a suggestion designed to keep you happy and well-motivated to return.

Who writes the reviews, feature articles, and other content on Space Jockey Reviews?  Aside from member comments and some guest reviews, Chris Rennirt writes all content on Space Jockey Reviews.   Any exceptions would be noted, wherever appropriate.  For more information about Chris Rennirt, take a look at his profile by clicking here.

How do I become a member of Space Jockey Reviews?  To become a member, you only need to provide your name (or a screen name), along with a valid email address, before posting the first time.  Afterwards, when using the same computer, you should not need to sign in or provide email information again.  ATTENTION: If you do not provide an email address, as required, with your registration and initial comment, you will receive an error message; also, the comment you wrote will likely be gone, when you go back to try again.  This is a function of the website that I cannot control, so please be advised.  To avoid problems, please fill out the information requested in each “required field,” also denoted by an asterisk.

Who can post comments on Space Jockey ReviewsAnyone at least 18 years of age can post comments.

Is it okay to comment on movie reviews and other content on Space Jockey Reviews?  Of course.  Thoughtful comments, questions, and reactions are always welcome.  Feel free to participate.  However, any rude, insulting, and/or hateful comments will not be published and will be deleted.

Are there any special procedures for posting comments and replies?  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just post replies in response to comments and comments as new points for discussion.  In the event that you reach the end of a comment’s preset limit for replies, feel free to post additional thoughts as a new comment.  Just make sure it clearly refers to the initial comment.

I posted a comment, and it didn’t show up!  Where did it go?  All member comments go to a moderation cue, before appearing on the website. This is only to insure that comments conform to the reasonable expectations explained here, on the FAQ page. It’s just a case of the actions a few affecting the many. In the end, we’ll all have fun anyway!

I attempted to post a comment, and I got an error message. When I tried to go back to the previous page, my comment was gone!  What happened?  Every time I have so far seen this happen, it was the result of someone not filling in all of the “required fields” when posting their first comment, just after attempting to register as a member.  Unfortunately, this is a function of the website over which I have no control.  However, as I have seen in my own experience, this is not uncommon; I have seen it happen on the most advanced to most simplistic of websites.  My advice is to fill out all required fields, before attempting to post a comment.  Otherwise, you may want to right click and copy a long comment, before attempting to post it in any way that could cause a problem.  In that case, pasting it back is just another right click away.

When registering, I was asked to submit my email address.  Will my email address be made public on Space Jockey Reviews?  No.  This is only for registration purposes to verify that you are a human, rather than a robot, and that you do have a base of operations somewhere in the universe.  The only information that becomes public is the screen name you choose and the comments you post.  Your email address will appear nowhere publicly on Space Jockey Reviews.

Why am I asked for a website address, when registering?  If, upon registration, you include a website address in the appropriate field, your website will become a link embedded in your screen name.  This is an option and not a requirement.

Is it okay to post off-topic comments?  In order to keep things as organized as possible, please make sure that all comments and replies relate to the overall topic, be it a movie or otherwise.  If you have comments or questions that relate to no existing topics, please post those in the Asteroid Belt.  That is basically a galactic parking lot for whatever sundry thoughts, questions, comments, and ideas you may otherwise want to discuss. Off-topic comments not related to a post may be deleted.

Is it okay to post full movie reviews and/or articles as a comment on Space Jockey Reviews?  No.  Full movie reviews are published as posts by Chris Rennirt only. Occasional guest reviews and articles are published at the discretion of Space Jockey Reviews Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt.

Will rude, impolite comments and/or arguments of a hostile nature be tolerated at Space Jockey Reviews?  No.  Space Jockey reviews is a place of intergalactic peace and harmony.  Humans and aliens alike are encouraged to respect one another and welcome the forces that bring us together.  Comments of a rude, impolite, or hostile nature will be deleted.

Do you use a rating system with your movie reviews?  I use the Space Jockey Rocket Meter.  With this system, movies receive a “Rocket Rating” of 1 to 10 (including half-rocket increments, when necessary).  For more information about the Rocket Meter and ratings, click here.

Some of the photos in the galleries look interesting.  Are they from movies reviewed on Space Jockey Reviews?  If so, how do I find them?  All photos in the slideshow and galleries (on the sidebar) are from movies reviewed here on Space Jockey Reviews.  If one looks interesting, just move the cursor over the photo, and the name of the movie will appear.  Type the movie name in the search box near the top of the sidebar.  A quick search will find the review for that movie.

I tried to watch a video, trailer, or movie on Space Jockey Reviews, and it wouldn’t play.  What’s wrong?  Occasionally, videos are no longer playable from the source, for reasons beyond my control.  If you notice that a video does not play, please let me know by leaving a related comment on the movie post or page, or by sending me an email at chrisrennirt@spacejockeyreviews.com. I will attempt to correct the problem, as soon as I’m aware of it.  It is impossible for me to regularly monitor such changes in video availability, and your help is greatly appreciated.

I encountered a broken link on Space Jockey Reviews.  It’s annoying.  Is there anything I can do about it?  I know that broken links are always disturbing, but please be patient. I use a program designed to detect broken links, but even it is not 100% effective.  If you find a broken link, please let me know, and I will attempt to correct it, as soon as possible.  Since there are so many links on Space Jockey Reviews, it is difficult to monitor them all.  Your help is greatly appreciated!

Is the content on www.chrisrennirt.com the same as the content on www.spacejockeyreviews.com?  Not exactly.  Along with obvious design differences, www.spacejockeyreviews.com is basically the full version.  This website contains, in some cases, reviews, photos, and other material that are more graphic.  There is also extra content there that does not exist on www.chrisrennirt.com.  Also visit www.chrisrennirt.com and  see for yourself.

Is it okay to copy reviews, articles, and/or commentary on Space Jockey Reviews and use them elsewhere, without permission from Chris Rennirt?  No.  All movie reviews, articles, and commentary on this website are the property of Chris Rennirt. This property may not be copied, posted, or printed elsewhere, without written permission from Chris Rennirt. Copyright © 2011-2014, Space Jockey Reviews, Inc. All rights reserved.  Chris Rennirt can be contacted at chrisrennirt@spacejockeyreviews.com.

Is it okay to quote content from reviews, articles, and published content elsewhere? Of course! Space Jockey Reviews welcomes the quoted use of its reviews, articles, and published content to promote www.spacejockeyreviews.com and/or the movies, people, and subject matter they address. However, please give full credit to Space Jockey Reviews when doing so; a link back to www.spacejockeyreviews is also greatly appreciated. We also appreciate being notified where quoted content is used, so we can keep up with such important publicity. Notifying us will likely help you as well, since we often promote the places where our content is published. Space Jockey Reviews Editor in Chief may be contacted directly at chrisrennirt@spacejockeyreviews.com.

Is it okay to post links to Space Jockey Reviews on other websites, blogs, and elsewhere?  Yes!  Feel free to post links wherever you like. Again, we’d love to hear where our links are posted.

Do you use a malware or spam filtering service on Space Jockey Reviews?  Yes. Space Jockey Reviews is monitored by Sucuri and Akismet.  Securi continuously checks the website for malware and other suspicious activity, whille Akismet is on constant guard against spam. The badges for these services are posted on the home page.  Visit Space Jockey Reviews regularly, and comment with confidence!

Is it okay to use the name of a company or business as my screen name?  Please don’t.  If you use a company or business name, you’re comments are most unlikely to make it through the spam filter; it typically identifies such screen names as spam and zaps them on the spot.

Is it okay to post links to other websites in my comments and replies?  Any links posted in a comment or reply will almost surely be marked as spam by Akismet.  This will cause the entire comment or reply to be rejected.  If you know of a link that would be of interest to Chris Rennirt and/or the Space Jockey community in general, please send it first to chrisrennirt@spacejockeyreviews.com for consideration.  However, if, upon registration, you include a website address in the appropriate field, your website will become a link embedded in your screen name.

Is it okay to copy photos of Space Jockey Arisu, Alia, and Selena and use them elsewhere? No.  Those Space Jockey mascot photos are licensed to Chris Rennirt, to be used for this website and other purposes related to Space Jockey Reviews.  Mascot photos may not be copied, posted, or reproduced in any way.

Does Space Jockey Reviews work better on any particular web browser?  In my opinion, Mozilla Firefox works better, in general, for all web browsing purposes.  Of course, Space Jockey Reviews will work with any browser, but Firefox is my preference.  In isolated cases where issues have occured, browsers other than Firefox (particularly Internet Explorer) were being used.  These issues were confined mostly to incomplete display of content graphics–specifically with selected polls on the “Polls” page.  In all cases, issues were visually annoying rather than functional. For more information about a 100% free Firefox download, click here.

Is Space Jockey Arisu a real person? Of course.  Check out her profile: Space Jockey Arisu

Is Space Jockey Arisu the only Space Jockey?  No.  Space Jockey Selena, Alia (a.k.a. Princess Aurella), Mya, Kayla, and Lucy are also members of our cosmic crew.  Selena is the covert operative of cosmic cinema; her identity must be concealed for her own protection, and Aurella is the princess turned adventure seeker, living her alter ego as Space Jockey Alia.  All, including Mya, Kayla, and Lucy, can be found on the Space Jockey profile page by clicking here.

If you have a question that is not answered above, please send it to chrisrennirt@spacejockeyreviews.com. Space Jockey Reviews email is checked regularly.

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