Asteroid Belt

The Asteroid Belt is an interplanetary repository of events, ideas, and sundry particles of thought.  Feel free to add to the coalescing chaos!

Items in the Asteroid Belt are subject to random periods of existence.  Please post replies in response to comments and comments as new chaos.  Thanks!

An asteroid belt or asteroid field is a collection of asteroids that usually orbit a star in a roughly toroidal shape. Asteroids in such belts range from grain-sized to many kilometers in diameter. Asteroid fields contain space debris and are usually the remains of a planet’s destruction. Featured above is the Alpha Omicron Asteroid Belt.

No, I don’t normally post music videos on my website. But, Jessie J is a Space Jockey Reviews favorite, these songs are out of this world, and the Commander in Chief at SJR makes the rules. So, enjoy Jessie J singing “Domino” and “Price Tag.” 😀


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