An Unproduced Billy Inaction Prequel?


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Okay all you seekers of extraterrestrial entertainment, here’s a surely-sensational script penned (or typed) by the one and only Rocko Jerome!  Yes, a star of the soon-to-be-released Billy Inaction wrote a script for a prequel, focused on the ever-alluring butt-kicking … Continue reading

Billy Inaction Cast Interviews: Part Three – Jimmy Humphrey


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Step right up, all you followers of superstellar cinema! The next Billy Inaction cast member to be interviewed is none other than The Ringmaster himself–director, editor, actor, and writer, Jimmy Humphrey! Jimmy is, quite literally, the ringmaster in his very … Continue reading



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Here it is, all you Space Jockey explorers of superstellar cinema!  It’s “the long-awaited, final trailer for the Louisville, Kentucky based action comedy Billy Inaction“–written and directed by Jimmy Humphrey!  It’s a full-length feature, coming to DVD this fall, along … Continue reading