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“I just feel so empty inside.” Is depression horror?  Absolutely, yes!  It’s what Space Jockey Reviews calls real-world horror.  According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Twenty-five million Americans suffer from depression each … Continue reading

Effective Magazine


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Okay, here it is!  It’s the magazine you need; the magazine you’ll love, and the magazine that will entertain as well as inform.  Effective Magazine was founded January 2010 by actress, model, and producer Lien Mya Nguyen (our very own … Continue reading

Space Jockey Mya! Stop the Presses!


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Stop the presses and fuel the rockets! Space Jockey Mya (aka Lien Mya Nguyen) has photos already famous around the universe! Whether on Earth or lights years beyond, Mya always makes news at SJR!  With forces keeping planets captive and … Continue reading

CAMERA PHONE – What happened on March 20, 2010?


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I’ve always been a fan of found-footage movies. When done well, they assault our senses, unlike any subjective, staged narrative ever could. They create fear that is real, because it occurs in situations that could happen to any of us, … Continue reading