Nadine L’Esperance Interview


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Join Space Jockey Reviews Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt for an interview with the out-of-this-world “Blue Girl” herself–Nadine L’Esperance. The writer, producer, and director of The Unknown Alter Ego, Maya’s Journal, Madame Soleil’s Tea Party, and No Pets Allowed reveals … Continue reading

No Pets Allowed


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I remember wanting many pets, as a child.  I’ve always been quite the animal lover, and luckily my parents indulged me with most of what I wanted; I had fish, birds, salamanders, hermit crabs, and, of course, a dog.  I … Continue reading

Space Jockey Reviews Star Showcase: NADINE L’ESPERANCE


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Rarely does a single photo launch a post at Space Jockey Reviews; but this one just did, ignited to light speed with the résumé of its subject! Yes, the blue-haired beauty Nadine L’Esperance–director of such films as No Pets Allowed, … Continue reading

Space Jockey Lucy


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LUCY LUXE Height: 6ft. Measurements: 39-26-36 Lucy Luxe (aka Space Jockey Lucy) is an outgoing and multi-faceted horror, pin up, punk rock and alternative model. She can add budding actress to the list, as well as screenplay writing in the … Continue reading

The Unknown Alter Ego


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Alter egos can be the damndest things! The person (or, in this case, the thing) our subconscious secretly wants to be can be the most dangerous and self-destructive of things, as well–a mystery that pursues our dreams (or nightmares) for … Continue reading