Nadine L’Esperance Interview


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Join Space Jockey Reviews Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt for an interview with the out-of-this-world “Blue Girl” herself–Nadine L’Esperance. The writer, producer, and director of The Unknown Alter Ego, Maya’s Journal, Madame Soleil’s Tea Party, and No Pets Allowed reveals … Continue reading

Mascara & Popcorn Chats with John Ginder and Chris Rennirt


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“If you’re a lover of cult films or are somewhat involved in the indie sci-fi or horror scene, you’ve certainly come across A HORROR-FYING BLOG and SPACE JOCKEY REVIEWS, respectively run by John Ginder and Chris Rennirt. And if you … Continue reading

Ceramic Tango


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“Maybe the person that you fear most in your life right now…is you!” Some horror films scare us by tapping our imagination, making us believe somehow, if they are good enough, the unbelievable—struggling, at best, to maintain the fantasy. The … Continue reading

Mascara & Popcorn Film Festival


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The 4th edition of MASCARA & POPCORN® will take place in August 2013 in Montreal, Canada, launching an International Short Film Competition for short film projects and award-winning shorts. Delving into horror, the experimental, the weird and the wonderful, Mascara … Continue reading