Dr. Malvagio Goes Giallo! Let the Assemblage Begin!


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“Il Trianglo Rosso di Vendetta del Malvagio Strangola Quatro Cani” The Fated Assemblage of Dr. Malvagio  is one of those rare titles that creates mystery even before the story begins. And, better yet, it’s as original as anything I’ve heard, … Continue reading

An Unproduced Billy Inaction Prequel?


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Okay all you seekers of extraterrestrial entertainment, here’s a surely-sensational script penned (or typed) by the one and only Rocko Jerome!  Yes, a star of the soon-to-be-released Billy Inaction wrote a script for a prequel, focused on the ever-alluring butt-kicking … Continue reading

Billy Inaction Cast Interviews: Part Four – Billy Duckett


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It’s time for part four of the Billy Inaction cast interviews! This time, it’s the interview you’ve all been waiting for–the one with the movie’s very own star, namesake, and reluctant hero. In this interview, we learn what is arguably the … Continue reading

Billy Inaction Cast Interviews: Part Three – Jimmy Humphrey


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Step right up, all you followers of superstellar cinema! The next Billy Inaction cast member to be interviewed is none other than The Ringmaster himself–director, editor, actor, and writer, Jimmy Humphrey! Jimmy is, quite literally, the ringmaster in his very … Continue reading

Billy Inaction Cast Interviews: Part One – Rocko Jerome


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  Okay, here it is–the long-awaited interview with actor Rocko Jerome! Rocko stars in the latest action comedy Billy Inaction, where he plays…you guessed it…himself. In this exclusive interview, he tells us everything we’ve always wanted to know about the … Continue reading



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Here it is, all you Space Jockey explorers of superstellar cinema!  It’s “the long-awaited, final trailer for the Louisville, Kentucky based action comedy Billy Inaction“–written and directed by Jimmy Humphrey!  It’s a full-length feature, coming to DVD this fall, along … Continue reading



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“I was never really afraid of being alone, until being alone meant not being with her.” Stephen King suggests that Hell is repetition in his short story, “That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is in French”.  The story … Continue reading