Season of the Witch


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The year is 1235 A.D. Three women accused of practicing witchcraft are herded like animals to the side of a bridge, where they are told, by a priest, to confess their crimes of consorting with the Devil. Are they real … Continue reading

MISS FD: Gothic Greatness!


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Yes, I know this is a movie review website, but I just had to make a small exception for this awesome artist and gorgeous girl of goth–Miss FD! Besides, her music video has everything to make an exception that…well…isn’t really … Continue reading

JENNY KRUEGER’S MEMOIRS OF A SCREAM QUEEN–Where Chris Rennirt is the 150th Follower!


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Yes, you read that right!  Chris Rennirt (that’s me–the one and only Space Jockey Reviewer) became the lucky (or fateful) 150th follower on Memoirs of a Scream Queen–the superstellar website posted and hosted by none other than Jenny Krueger, THE … Continue reading