Mascara & Popcorn Chats with John Ginder and Chris Rennirt


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“If you’re a lover of cult films or are somewhat involved in the indie sci-fi or horror scene, you’ve certainly come across A HORROR-FYING BLOG and SPACE JOCKEY REVIEWS, respectively run by John Ginder and Chris Rennirt. And if you … Continue reading

Dissecting Cinema: Europa Report


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Six astronauts go on a privately-funded mission to the moon of Jupiter known as Europa. Their assignment is to investigate the existence of life on Europa. Will they make it back to Earth? Will their data be saved or lost … Continue reading

Dissecting Cinema: Thankskilling


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In this episode of Dissecting Cinema, Chris Rennirt, Zena S. Dixon, and guest Shardae review ThanksKilling–the only known holiday slasher with a serial-killing turkey, unlike any you’ve seen (or eaten) before!  Yes, this lesser-known butterball is one well worth carving … Continue reading

Dissecting Cinema: Faceless


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Are you ready for a movie-reviewing duo second to none? Of course you are! So, whatever you do, don’t miss Dissecting Cinema with Chris Rennirt and Zena S. Dixon! First up for dissection is Jess Franco’s Faceless. Yes! Sharpen your … Continue reading