Space Jockey Lucy


Height: 6ft.

Measurements: 39-26-36

Lucy Luxe (aka Space Jockey Lucy) is an outgoing and multi-faceted horror, pin up, punk rock and alternative model. She can add budding actress to the list, as well as screenplay writing in the horror genre.  Lucy continues to work artistically in many fields as a fashion designer, stylist, make-up artist, fiction writer and vocalist.

A great lover of the macabre, Miss Luxe particularly enjoyed her cameo appearance with the cast of Maya’s Journal for Nadine L’Esperance of Blue Girl Films and her commercial for Women In Horror Month…dressed as a white vinyl-clad vampire nurse. This lead to her most recent accomplishment—a collaboration with L’Esperance; Miss Luxe co-wrote the screenplay for “The Unknown Alter Ego” where she was the sole actress playing both roles of a young woman tormented by her dreams—or possibly her doppelganger hell-bent on destroying her very existence.

Amazingly, the theree-minute short film has sparked a wildfire and is being taken on by Indie film festivals across Canada for summer viewing in the week since its release.  It  already has a glowing review by Chris Rennirt of Space Jockey Reviews!  To check it out the review, click here!

Though currently living on Texada Island, Luxe does work out of Vancouver as well as other areas of Canada and is increasing that to abroad. She has been featured in Dark Parlour – Alternative Culture Magazine from Canada and her image has been published in Trend Spike men’s magazine based in Europe.

Miss Luxe has appeared in a music video for The Liquor Kings—icons of the Vancouver rock-and-roll music scene—and is currently having discussions with another well-known Canadian rock artist about a feature video role.  She has also been seen on promotional material and flyers for L.A. punk legends Symbol Six!

Lucy is cheeky, outspoken, cultured and sexy with just the right amount of innocence for broad appeal; so, whether it be editorial, commercial, video, film, runway, or promotion, look no further.

Below is a superstellar set of Lucy Luxe photos! They’re out-of-this-world awesome, for sure! Enjoy!





Lucy Luxe in her cameo appearance in Maya’s Journal (by director Nadine L’Esperance)


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