Space Girl: Origins

Space Girl 030FWhat are Space Girl’s origins? Thank your lucky stars! Space Jockey Reviews has it all in the latest episode of Space Girl (aptly titled “Origins”), starring model, actress and SJR favorite, Lauren Francesca! What’s better? For the male fans among us, humans and aliens alike (and maybe some females), it’s lot! Space Girl is also naked in most of the episode! YES! You read that correctly; she’s naked! Our blue-haired beauty crawls for her life, through steam, hotter than ever! The sneak-peak photo above is proof! Au naturel, in her birthday suit, is exactly what we get!  😀

Is there still more? You can bet your last rocket booster! Along with Space Girl’s astronomical aesthetics, we get a great new story, slickly produced from the creative geniuses at Barely Political! Yes! Space Jockey Reviews loves a good retro-style sci-fi serial. Space Girl is exactly that! Quick starts, in the thick of action, and cliffhanger endings, along with eye-popping visuals with technicolor saturation is a treat even extraterrestrials can’t resist! Yes! That bubble space helmet, sexy boots, and a deadly ray gun in hand make Space Girl a rival even Barbarella would envy! Finally, with “Space Girl: Origins,” we get the story from the start–in a spaceship and solar system far, far away!

Space Girl 013FFrom any good beginning, however, more questions are born! How did Space Girl wind up naked, on the floor of an alien ship? Who is the creator of our beauty from beyond? What was her original purpose, before donning a space suit as a cosmic crusader? Will Space Girl escape the robot monster trying to terminate her? Or, is he just a disgruntled boyfriend looking for a second chance? Can Space Girl escape danger while naked? Can she fight an iron giant while barefoot? Will we see Space Girl totally nude, unfettered by spaceship pipes and sundry mechanical props? Is an army of naked space girls in our video-watching future? Will more than one Space Girl change the fabric of time and space, making clothing obsolete?

Don’t waste another atomic second guessing answers! Check out the sizzling screenshots, and click the video start arrow below! This event horizon is guaranteed to suck you in, faster than the speed of light! Stay in orbit afterward, if you can, for a bonus behind-the-scenes romp with our stellar siren – Space Girl: Inside the Helmet! Enjoy! 😀

Space Girl 031FLine 02

Space Girl 026F

A barefoot Space Girl takes on an iron giant!

Line 02

Space Girl - Origins 32ELine 02

Space Girl 025FLine 02

Space Girl 023FLine 02

Space Girl 020FLine 02

Space Girl 017FLine 02

Space Girl - Origins 19E

Yes! What would a Space Girl episode be without a cleavage closeup?

Line 02

Space Girl 015FLine 02

Space Girl - Origins 21ELine 02

Space Girl 006F

Darn! Those black bands around the stasis chambers!

Line 02

Space Girl 004FIf the screenshots above aren’t haven’t melted your reactors rods already, here’s the feature presentation! Yes! Click that start arrow now for Space Girl: Origins!

Begin the Space Girl journey right here, with Episode 1, on SJR!

Will Space Girl escape Dr. Brain’s tentacled trap in Episode 2! Click here!

See Space Girl‘s rocket-riding finale, in Episode 3! Will she save the Sluggulons?

For a behind-the-scenes romp with our stellar siren, check out Space Girl: Inside the Helmet! It’s yet another adventure you won’t want to miss!

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Rocket Rating – 10

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