Space Girl Adventures!

Yes! Space Jockey Reviews loves Space Girl (aka actress and model Lauren Franscesca)! We’ve said it before and, no doubt, we’ll say it again. What’s new this time? A lot! Video maker Tyra Fake has created a video tribute to Space Girl (with a great song too) that is making as much news as the vixen of interplanetary exploration (and sometimes damsel in distress) herself. It’s aptly titled Space Girl Adventures, and it packs the wollop of a ray gun set to stun, if not kill! Are we going to quote Space Girl and her jilted onboard computer again? You bet! Let the countdown begin!

“Your guidance system is breaking down!” ~ Space Girl

 “Well, maybe if you took some time to warm up my engines, instead of ramming the clutch and gunning it all the time!” ~ The Ship’s On-Board Computer

Will Space Girl survive her next appointment with danger? Will she outsmart the poop-eating Sluggulons? Will she escape the tentacles from the unknown nemesis trying to end our fun! Will she live to entertain us another day? Of course! But, it sure is lots of fun watching it happen! With Space Girl, intergalactic adventure has never been more exciting! 😀

Space Girl 004

Go Space Girl! Save that planet and yourself too! The eyes of the universe are watching!

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