Space Jockey Arisu

It all began when Arisu Suzuki grew weary of her mundane, ordinary life on Earth.  She had always dreamed of a life beyond her own, more exciting, filled with adventure, uncertainty, and yes, even danger!  So, eventually, by fate, chance, or forces otherwise, Arisu looked skyward, to the stars and beyond, to places even her imagination had not explored. She knew in her heart that there was someplace else she was meant to be–someplace more fulfilling and rewarding, someplace she had always dreamed.

Aspiring to more than earthly life could offer, Arisu brightened her boredom through movies.  She traveled to other worlds, other dimensions,and fantastic places, vicariously, through the celluloid cosmos of filmdom.  “If only that could be me,” thought Arisu.

With sights set light years ahead, Arisu aimed for the best of what she’d imagined on earth—movies and space!  “What a combination,” she thought!

In a desperate attempt to soar with her dreams, Arisu pitched the idea to movie reviewer Chris Rennirt and top-secret aerospace engineer xxxxxxxxx.  (Yes, the name is classified to protect his identity.)  With little thought, the two agreed.  Arisu thus became Space Jockey Arisu, the movie hero we know today, leading the life she once only dreamed.

Trawling the stars for entertainment, beyond the minds of most mortals, Space Jockey Arisu now searches for movies and adventures of the greatest, most spectacular types. Like Alice in Wonderland in space, through a looking glass of stars, she explores. Her course is set for the farthest reaches of the mind, both human and alien–for the supernovas of creativity in us all, past, present, and future.  Wish her luck, and, like Space Jockey Arisu, keep looking beyond yourself to find your white hole of identity, where, expanding within yourself, is the essence of everything that is you!

“Your supernova sunrise is just beyond the next event horizon!” ~ Space Jockey Arisu


Rockets are ready for launch, as Arisu scouts on Hauté Coutura!

Arisu Striking a Pose on Hauté Coutura

Space Jockey Journal, Stardate 44279.1 – Just in are superstellar shots of Arisu hot enough to make a fuel-filled star go supernova light years ahead of schedule!  Transmissions from planet Hauté Coutura show our cosmic cutie kicking back in custom-fit, designer spacewear from the the chicest of planets in the known universe.  Sporting a white Selusian snow jacket with a Cortesian sun collar and skirt, Arisu scouts for the Space Jockey Rocket.  Whether in galactic garments or spectacular space gear, Arisu is never far from a rocket ready to launch!


Space Jockey is currently out, on assignment, in the farthest of places yet unknown to man or woman.  Her superstellar adventures will be updated at light speed, shortly!  Stay tuned!

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