Space Jockey Mya

Space Jockey Mya (by Artwork by Alemben) 02

Artwork by Alemben

Photo by Ron Gardner Photography/Edit by Lien Mya Nguyen

Lien Mya Nguyen (aka Space Jockey Mya) comes to us like a force of fate, infinite, from the farthest reaches of time and space.  From solar winds and Magellanic clouds she comes, bringing with her what others dream! Film-finding in stellar style with skills to spare is her mission—in this galaxy, the next, and beyond.  The power of stars is Mya’s muse.  Around her, ethereal forces of dimensions swirl, planets orbit, and stars ignite.  With a sixth sense for cinema, Mya is always ready and always searching.  Tidal forces subside in her presence; chaos is calmed; light is life.  What she seeks is drawn to her; what’s drawn to her becomes her, born again, more powerful than before. Maya is the essence of us all instilled in one—a lover of life and hope, with dreams she lives; a quantum singularity, shining on the event horizon of this world or the next. From far beyond, Mya’s mission is here; her time is now. Entertainment she seeks and finds for us all!

Yes, Space Jockey Mya–our most opulent operative of cinema–is the ever-beautiful, ultra-talented Lien Mya Nguyen.  Below is a stellar selection of Mya’s most exceptional celestial moments, with powers for all to see.  Coming soon is an interview with Lien Mya Nguyen herself, in all her earthbound humanness—her successes, her challenges, her accomplishments and wishes.  Yes, Lien Mya Nguyen is our most interactive Space Jockey ever.  From our world, she has a story to tell—one that is real and fantastic; one that is inspirational and honest.  From other worlds she has another story, amazing like her life.  From film-finding to film-making, from dreaming to doing, Space Jockey Mya will take us there!

“I’m a secret the world is slowly discovering. My name is Lien Mya Nguyen, and I’m a Space Jockey. Call me Mya, and stay tuned for more about me and my powerful life.” ~ Lien Mya Nguyen (aka Space Jockey Mya)

Photo by Ray Tarrant Photography/Edit by Lien Mya Nguyen

Photo by Ron Gardner Photography/Edit by Lien Mya Nguyen

Photo by Ron Gardner Photography/Edit by Lien Mya Nguyen

Photo by Ron Gardner Photography/Edit by Lien Mya Nguyen

As a final treat, we see Space Jockey Mya in her beautiful human form as Lien Mya Nguyen herself. As you can see here, she’s still as powerful as ever!

Photo by Ron Gardner Photography

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