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This page is dedicated to the Space Jockeys–those who boldly bring films from the farthest reaches beyond to the closest of places to you!  Here, on Space Jockey Reviews, we salute their brave and selfless searches for the supernova sun in all of us–that fascinating, limitless engine of ideas and wonder we call imagination!



Above are rare appearances by Space Jockey Selena–the covert operative of cosmic cinema.  Finding the real Selena can be tricky business with this cloned cutie!  Yes, you read that right!  As one her many talents, Space Jockey Selena clones her beautiful body as needed to do the deed–to bring back future films to feature here on Space Jockey Reviews.  No movie is too large or small for this siren of cinema, this oppulent operative, delving to the depths of movie-watching worlds of our star or the next!



Long live the Venusian vixen Aurella! Hotter than a supernova sun, this star-scorching sovereign of cinema reigns supreme. A beautiful blue blood and secret Space Jockey, she lives her alter ego and rules with one decree: “Go forth and watch movies! May your next be your best!”  Princess Aurella is also known as Space Jockey Alia.



Space Jockey Arisu is THE adventure advocate and foremost film finder on Space Jockey Reviews!  Arisu stands alone as a hero of the highest–a true quantum singularity on the event horizon of this world or the next.  For her complete profile, along with random journal entries from afar, click here.



Space Jockey Mya (aka Lien Mya Nguyen) is latest but greatest addition to the beautiful, bold, and always adventurous seekers of cinema here at Space Jockey Reviews. When it comes to the best of everything the universe offers in one wonderful woman, look no further than Space Jockey Mya! As a true superhero of space and time, g-forces and star energy radiate through her, from her, and beyond her. To the farthest reaches of imagination she travels for all of us, bravely going where no Space Jockey has gone before! No matter the danger, no matter the distance, Space Jockey Mya will take us there! For more about Space Jockey Mya (including many beautiful photos), click here!



Along with being a Space Jockey, Kayla Perkins is also a model and actress making her impression on the Earth and throughout the universe too. As a slasher-film star, she’s always a cut above the best, pulling double assignments on Space Jockey Reviews as a Space Jockey girl and Girl of Gore too–an extraterrestrial trooper, a scream queen, and more!  Wow! And could it get better? Yes, of course! Kayla is also the first, and so far only, Space Jockey from the great bluegrass state of Kentucky (the home state of your very own Editor in Chief right here). Kayla was even crowned Junior Miss Kentucky 2004! For more about Space Jockey Kayla, don’t miss her feature post here on Space Jockey Reviews!



Lucy Luxe (aka Space Jockey Lucy) is an outgoing and multi-faceted horror, pin up, punk rock and alternative model. She can add budding actress to the list, as well as screenplay writing in the horror genre.  Lucy continues to work artistically in many fields as a fashion designer, stylist, make-up artist, fiction writer and vocalist.


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