“Prometheus Actually Explained (With Real Answers)”

Space Jockey Reviews loves Prometheus–the prequel to the 1979 classic, Alien–even with the myriad questions and issues some consider unanswered, confusing, contradictory, and, in the worst comments, downright “stupid.” Part of the charm that Prometheus delivers is, in fact, just that kind of actually satisfying mystery that made the original so enduring as a classic. Do you really want to know all of the answers, so easily…and so certainly? I doubt it. We didn’t need to know in 1979, and, all these years later, the mystery is all the better.

However, for those who want to know more, there are many questions that really are answered. For those who think certain events and actions of characters were “stupid,” there are other, more realistic and open-minded ways to think about it. Let’s consider, for example, the memorable scene where Meredith Vickers and Elizabeth Shaw are running from the alien ship as it rolls and crashes on LV-223. Much has been said about how “stupid” these women are portrayed, and what an insult it is to females the world over. Since they ran in a straight line, rather than sideways, many think they did the dumbest and most unlikely things a human could do. SJR thinks not. As is true (if you really think about it) people don’t always do the most “intelligent” things when they are in extraordinary and/or life threatening situations–especially those that occur suddenly, especially with the affected people having no ability to see objective perspectives. Yes, the omnipresent audience often forgets that they, unlike the victims, are privy to all manner of hindsight angles and areal views, from all sides and otherwise. These intelligent ladies were running like hell from a big-ass ship falling and crashing behind them with the force of an earthquake! Would yo have time to look back? Would you necessarily think to look back? Would looking back cost you just the amount of time necessary to squash you into the alien Earth even sooner? Maybe so.

Yes, in such a situation, it really is hard to know what exactly is “stupid.” Before you consider yourself so much smarter, sitting on your couch, watching a play by play view of it all, from all angles, try, if you can, to really put yourself in their place. Go to that alien planet, so far away, and run through the plan (if not the terrain) that you have time to create, with hindsight aplenty. Bring yourself down, if you can, from your pedestal of self-appointed superiority and think hard about what you would do. Do you really know? “Why was so much time spent on this one example?” you ask. “Because it is a good example,” is the answer. “Because it applies, equally well, as an example, to other such situations that some call ‘stupid’ in Prometheus.” We don’t always know as much as we think…when we, unlike the characters, have too much time to think.

Yes, if you choose to think about it all deeply enough, using sometimes not so obvious but certainly existing logic, answers are there. Of the various explanations SJR has seen for the many mysteries in Prometheus, Twin Perfect offers the best, most comprehensive (down-to-Earth as well as extraterrestrial) presentation in the universe…easily. If you haven’t been satisfied so far, expand your mind, meditate and think to the limits; finally, let these metaphysical, existential, and straight-up in-your-face, no-brainer answers quell your consciousness. For at least 30 minutes, don’t believe the “resistance is futile” cliche of the collective. The Borg are definitely wrong here. Check out the revealing video below. In the words of David himself, “Sometimes to create, one must first destroy.”

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