Onward to Paradise: Prometheus 2 Looks Ahead

Prometheus 030Rumors are rumors no more. A confirmed sequel is in the works for Prometheus, titled Prometheus 2 (alternatively titled Paradise). Ridley Scott is the director again (of course and thank goodness) as well as the producer, and Michael Green has been brought on board to write the script. For all the fans of vintage Scott classics, Green was also the writer of Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner, back in 1982.

What’s better is that an official movie release date has already been announced by Twentieth Century Fox and Scott Free Productions—March 4, 2016—with filming set to begin this fall! What’s ultra-better is that it’s all said to be much more Alien-like than its prequel, heading further in the direction Alien fans want! Michael Fassbender will return as David, reportedly appearing as android multiples this time. As for a Noomi Rapace encore (as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw), she is, as of the writing of this article, on the movie’s IMDb cast list. With the ending as it was in Prometheus, Dr. Shaw is as necessary as David, and the original actors who played the parts are needed equally so. Luckily, in Prometheus 2, we get them both!

Prometheus - Noomi Rapace 02B

Noomi Rapace (as Dr. Elizabeth Shaw) in Prometheus, returns for Prometheus 2

Where did the alien ship go at the end of Prometheus, and how did it (or one just like it) wind up on LV-426 decades later? Is there, perhaps, another alien stowaway onboard? Where is the Engineer homeworld, and why did Engineers want to destroy us…or were they trying to destroy something else? What is the giant Engineer-head (or human-head) statue in the ampule room; is it their god? What is the black goo that turns humans into mutated, alien zombies? What are the tiny organisms in the black goo? Why did the Engineers’ heads explode, why  were they looking backwards while running, and what caused the Engineer holocaust on LV-223? Were they running from aliens or running from their own kind out to kill them for reasons still a mystery? Will all the Davids in the sequel like Peter O-Toole movies and watch them repeatedly, also reciting favorite quotes from Lawrence of Arabia? How did xenomorphs begin, with their banana-shaped heads and retracting jaws, living on to populate movie screens, video games, and comic books galore…on Earth, even spawning their own action figures?

Prometheus Xenomorph 01

Slowly but surely, that xenomorph on LV-223 is starting to look like the one we know!

Yes! Prometheus created more questions than answers, for better or worse; but, this time, maybe answers are on the way! (Even two years from now is better than never!) In the meantime, Space Jockey Reviews will keep its crew fingers crossed and look to the stars for more. Stay tuned for updates, as they arrive!

Prometheus 001B

Will Dr. Shaw have another xenomorph removed from her by an automatic surgery machine? Ahhhh! Only time will tell!

Oh, and if you have answers (or so you think) to any of the questions above or others I haven’t asked, feel free to post them below. Space Jockey Reviews would love to hear what you think! 😀

Prometheus Poster 005B

Yes, that giant head statue in the ampule room sure looks a lot like a human! Hmmmm. Who are the gods in Prometheus?

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