John Horrordude Ginder Interview

Humans and aliens alike are talking about the latest interview with John Horrordude Ginder.  Space Jockey Reviews recently caught up with John at his home in Indianapolis, Indiana.  The cosmic crew onboard was SJR Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt, actress and model Lien Mya Nguyen, Stephen Oost, Michael Oost, Belle Magalong Ginder (John’s wife) and, of course, John Ginder himself.

Belle prepared an out-of-this-world meal for all that makes a return trip already a sure thing.  Homemade egg rolls, a delicious Filipino noodle dish, pizza, strawberry cheesecake, and fresh fruit were on the menu and greatly enjoyed!  (See photos below.) Thanks, Belle!

After the meal, the movie-loving crew was off to the local theater for a screening of—you guessed it—Evil Dead (2013).  (Don’t miss the full review here on Space Jockey Reviews!)

At last count, John had interviewed more lifeforms than anyone else in the galaxy.  So, what better interviewee is there than John, as well?  None, I say!  So, sit back and enjoy this tell-all trip through the mind of a cosmic conversationalist and most prolific purveyor of publicity—John Horrordude Ginder (also including commentary from the amazing Lien Mya Nguyen)! 😀

John Ginder Visit (04-07-2013)

John Horrordude Ginder on his Monsters University ID Card

John Ginder Visit (04-07-2013)

John and Belle Ginder

John Ginder Visit (04-07-2013)

Chris Rennirt, John Ginder, Stephen Oost, Michael Oost, and Belle Magalong Ginder

John Ginder Visit (04-07-2013)

John Ginder, Stephen Oost, Lien Mya Nguyen, Michael Oost, and Belle Magalong Ginder

John Ginder Visit (04-07-13)

Homemade Filipino Egg Rolls (prepared by Belle Magalong Ginder) Yummy!

John Ginder Visit (04-07-13)

A Delicious Filipino Noodle Dish (prepared by Belle Magalong Ginder)

John Ginder Visit (04-07-13)

Fruit and Homemade Cheesecake (prepared by Belle Magalong Ginder)

Don’t miss John’s superstellar website–A Horror-fying Blog!

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5 thoughts on “John Horrordude Ginder Interview

  1. Oh my gosh…did you get my first comment…where am I?
    Love you John and Belle!
    Great questions too. Great job all!

    • Hi Cindy, and welcome to Space Jockey Reviews! I’m sorry about the disappearing comments. Everything first goes to a moderation queue, before being posted.

      I agree that John did an excellent and very entertaining interview! I always enjoy my conversations with John, and this interview is a big reason why. 🙂

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