Hayley Derryberry Interview

Here it is–the interview that has already ignited stars in galaxies beyond our own! Of course, that one-and-only fully-fueled event is launched by none other than–Hayley Derryberry! Here, Hayley talks about her short films Blüm and MyShadow, her latest feature, Rabid Love, as well as hand modeling, androids, and theories about life in the universe beyond Earth…and more! Yes, it’s a well-rounded (or rather elliptical) trip around the solar system and back for sure. Hayley Derryberry is a Space Jockey Reviews favorite any day of the solar calendar, for infinity…and then some! Enjoy!

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Hayley Derryberry in 100 Ghost Street: The Return of Richard Speck


Hayley Derryberry on the set of MyShadow


Hannah Landberg and Hayley Derryberry in Rabid Love (by Rogue Taurus Productions)

Hayley Derrberry (as the android Blüm 1.9) in the sci-fi short film Blüm

Check out Hayley Derryberry in Blüm. An android’s sense of self-preservation leads it to do things more human than machine!

Need a stalker? With MyShadow.com, your dreams can come true! 😀

Hayley’s talents span the cosmos–to life on Earth and beyond! See her stellar acting reel! Discover why humans and aliens alike agree!

A Hayley Derryberry commercial in just a minute? Too good not to include! Watch it, and you’ll see why! 😀

As promised, here’s an episode from Hayley’s behind-the-scenes blogging for her feature film, Rabid Love! It’s episode 3, just before they get into an all-important horror film requirement–blood! 😀

Here, Hayley does a Space Jockey Reviews approved job with on-the-spot interviews for Movie Buzz Reviews! (We may have to hire her at Space Jockey Reviews too!) 😀

Have you ever wanted to know how to make fake blood? Of course you have! Well, you’re in luck! Hayley Derryberry and Rougue Taurus Productions can show you how! 😀

And last, but far from least, is the trailer for Hayley’s latest film, Rabid Love, (from Rogue Taurus Productions! Also, be sure to check out the official Rabid Love movie website at www.rabidlovemovie.com.

Look for all the latest Hayley Derryberry and Rabid Love news here on Space Jockey Reviews! Also, be sure to see Hayley in 500 MPH Storm, now on Blu-ray and DVD!  😀

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