Hannah Minx (Jinx) Stars in the Devil’s Carnival

Hannah Jinx (aka Hannah Minx) stars in the new movie The Devil’s Carnival!  For those of you who don’t know Hannah, she’s the raven-haired video vixen of Youtube fame–doubling as the teacher of Japanese language lessons; no one ever complains as her ample cleavage does more to distract than teach her students.  Anyway, it’s nice to see Hannah finally get a role in a horror film; she well deserves it and looks great as a sizzling-hot babe from Hell.  I’ve not seen the movie yet, but with Hannah’s costume and natural allure (aka out-of-this-world, smokin’-hot good looks), she already gets more than a few, well-fueled rockets from me–Space Jockey rating rockets that is!  Yes, I did just use the word “hot” twice in the last two sentences; but for Hannah, there’s no better word to use!  😉

The Devil’s Carnival was created by Darren Lynn Bousman (the director of Saw II, III, and IV) and Terrance Dzunich (illustrator of the Repo! The Genetic Opera comic book).  With a team like this, it’s anything goes and something to look forward to, for sure!  “What’s it about?” you ask.  Three tormented souls are transported from their earthly lives to the bowels of Hell.  The three sorry sinners must face their screw-ups, up close and personal, in the carnival, conducted, of course, by the horned Highness of Hell himself, Lucifer.  That’s all I know about it so far; but, along with Hannah’s appearance in the film, there’s enough to schedule it for a go on the Space Jockey launch pad.  Until liftoff occurs, take a look at Hannah Jinx (and don’t forget to listen too), as she tells more about it!  🙂

Click here to visit Hannah Minx’s Youtube page!  If you’re lucky, you’ll learn some Japanese too!  🙂

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2 thoughts on “Hannah Minx (Jinx) Stars in the Devil’s Carnival

    • Hi, Goregirl! It sounds like you and I are more alike than I thought. I’m a big sucker for carnival-themed movies too! There’s just something about them that really set the stage for the perfect cinema sideshow! Besides, I’m sure they would be on a short list of places the Devil would really like to hang out! 🙂

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