Forbidden Forest: A Realm of Love and Evil

Forbidden Forest and The Dream , releasing winter 2014 CWho is that beautiful jilted lover, bleeding tears of pain, hunting prey that broke a promise? Whose pound of flesh is captured in her gaze? From whom and what heart flows revenge so viscous? Yes! It’s none other than THE princess of pulchritude and movie making herself–actress, producer, writer, and director Jennifer Linch. With her, horror cinema’s “Rhapsody in Blue” is here. Moonlight paints the perfect mood for madness, mayhem, and more in Linch’s latest film in the works–Forbidden Forest!

“She touches her tears and realizes it is blood; bloody tears from her face.” ~ Forbidden Forest

Space Jockey Reviews Editor in Chief Chris Rennirt recently received the movie’s shot list, along with recent footage from Jennifer Linch herself. Rennirt also spoke to Linch by phone, getting the latest on her work in progress, straight from the source. Wow! How incredibly rich the story is, with Linch’s trademark dream-style cinematography as a bonus! What’s more is that Linch, as an SJR Queen of Crimson Cinema, delivers the violence we expect, in copious amounts. Trust us! Even the Aztecs would approve of this one; their gods would be pleased! No heart is safe in this forest! 😀

Jennifer Linch 009D

Is true love’s kiss about to happen? Or, is it jilted love’s horror?

Forbidden Forest begins as a cheerful tale of a young and beautiful sorcerer, gifted with magical powers she uses for good–a habit born of her equally good heart. But, alas! Beneath her happiness lies a curse–one from which she cannot escape. Yes! With fairy tales there’s always a dark side, and this one is no exception. With every Blood Moon, the sorcerer is weakened; her essence is drained, little by little, robbing her of life. Yet, filling her with life, as a balance, is a prince (Eric Occhipinti) with whom she falls deeply in love–a prince who then leaves her for reasons unknown. A broken heart, a reverse curse, greedy revenge, and magic turned dark are the beginnings of epic evil unleashed. Violence and vengeance break and rip hearts to pieces in a forest now foreboding, bloody, and “forbidden.” Is any man now safe in these woods? Or, is unrequited love as hate now every man’s fate? With magic spells, curses, and crystals, what seems obvious may not be so.

Jennifer Linch 008B

Is magic turning dark? In these woods, how much longer will sunlight shine?

“Just what is a Blood Moon?” you may ask. Obviously, it’s a moon; just as obviously, it’s a blood-colored moon. The ways it connects to Forbidden Forest are obvious too. (Just the name is creepy enough to amplify the horror.) However, the reasons for the color of a real blood moon are not so obvious. In case you aren’t an astronomer, and in case you care, this is where we’ll add more (from Wikipedia): “The red color is caused by Rayleigh Scattering of sunlight through the Earth’s atmosphere, the same effect that causes sunsets to appear red. The idea of a ‘Blood Moon’ serving as an omen of the coming of the end times comes from the Book of Joel, where it is written that ‘the sun will turn into darkness, and the moon into blood…'” Just what does all of this mean, and how does it relate to the sorcerer? Some things we’re not telling, and others we don’t know. Technical details be damned! The sun turning into darkness and the moon into blood is enough to scare us! Ahhhhh! Add a blood-thirsty sorcerer out for the heart of every man she meets; the result is horror that bleeds for the best of us. In Forbidden Forest, the “end times” are here!

Forbidden Forest 012B - Dann Cymarron

The sorcerer, holding a bloody heart, ripped from the object of anger–any man!

Are there more questions? Yes! There are many, and that’s what makes the story more intriguing! Will the prince return to claim his love, and why did he leave? Will he restore our faith in fairy-tale romance? Will their love survive the black magic grown strong in his absence? Or, will hate and horror become their fate? Will the dark forest see sunshine again; will it welcome or forbid its lovers therein? Oh, and will this tale end happily ever after? Or perhaps, happily never after? Space Jockey Reviews won’t tell you, lest we curse you–that is cursing you to know, in advance, an ending better off experienced for yourself.

“…her hand rips his heart out…he looks down…blood is coming from his mouth and eyes.” ~ Forbidden Forest

When asked, by Chris Rennirt, if anyone helped write Forbidden Forest, Linch quickly replied, “Yes! My cat, Moony.” Of course! Linch’s sense of humor is obvious in everything she does, and that’s but a single example. (Maybe Moony will even get an IMDb credit!) Linch also added that an Indiegogo campaign for the movie is in the works…and that’s no joke! Money (not Moony) will be used for, among other things, the film’s sound and elaborate special effects. (Of course, a magic sorceress does expensive things!) Look to Space Jockey Reviews for more about fundraising, as details arrive. (Also, look for an upcoming interview with Jennifer about Moonlight Linch, aka Moony the Princess, with lots more she has to say about cats!)

Forbidden Forest 002

Jennifer Linch (as The Sorcerer) on the set of Forbidden Forest

Linch’s fairly/terror tale is scheduled for a winter 2014 release! It is written and directed by Jennifer Linch, starring Jennifer Linch, Gerren Hall, CG Thomas, and Eric Occhipinti as The Prince, with voice over work by John Paul Ouvrier, editing by Daniel Blantern, and music by Jason Citro. Look for the latest trailers, stills, movie news, behind the scenes exclusives, and more on Space Jockey Reviews!

Forbidden Forest is a mystical adventure of love, magic, revenge and despair–all to be discovered, only if you dare! It’s fairy-tale horror at its finest–a classic of terror, once upon a time as much as now. Enter these woods at your own risk. Beware! “Bloody tears run from her face.” 😀

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Check out more movie stills below, along with bonus photos of Jennifer Linch and actor Eric Occhipinti! The best in the universe is here, on Space Jockey Reviews!

Jennifer Linch 003

Jennifer Linch with actor Gerren Hall (as Traveler #1)

Forbidden Forest 004 -  Dann Cymarron

On the set of Forbidden Forest (Photo by Dan Cymarron)

Forbidden Forest 009 -  Dann CymarronForbidden Forest 010 -  Dann Cymarron

Forbidden Forest 001

Director Jennifer Linch (as The Sorcerer) on the set with actor CG Thomas

Below are bonus photos of Jennifer Linch and actor Eric Occhipinti (The Prince).  Photos by Bill Thomas Photography

Jennifer (with The Prince - Eric Occhipinti) 03Jennifer (with The Prince - Eric Occhipinti) 02

Jennifer (Forbidden Forest Promo) 03

The ever-beautiful Jennifer Linch (as herself), as stunning as a sunset! (Bill Thomas Photography)

Jennifer (Forbidden Forest Promo) 04

Jennifer Linch – a real-life sorceress, with a beauty truly magical (Bill Thomas Photography)

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