Dr. Malvagio Goes Giallo! Let the Assemblage Begin!

Dr. Malvegio 001

Is he gazing “long into an abyss” and seeing himself…or is he seeing Dr. Malvagio?

“Il Trianglo Rosso di Vendetta del Malvagio Strangola Quatro Cani”

The Fated Assemblage of Dr. Malvagio  is one of those rare titles that creates mystery even before the story begins. And, better yet, it’s as original as anything I’ve heard, after several trips around the solar system! Yes, how many titles get your mind wondering what it’s all about, wanting to know the end, before you’ve seen the beginning? Not many, I say. With cosmic cognition in overdrive, SJR looks to the future for answers.

“What’s it all about?” I say, with time-traveling temptation. I suppose that question is best answered – to the extent that it will be in the present – by the writer, director, editor and producer himself, Beau Kaelin. The following synopsis was taken from a Facebook post Kaelin made about the movie – which happens to be just what Space Jockey Reviews needed: “For my sixth feature-length film, I went giallo. It’s also my first color film in almost five years. Simply put: Lowly photographer Carlo (Chris Humphreys) stumbles onto the pattern behind a series of serial murders in his hometown, which all are seemingly tied to members of a cult lead by Dr. Malvagio (Lucian Tomes Jr.) who are striving to open up the gates of hell. Intended as a loving homage to the works of Bava, Fulci, Argento, Martino and their ilk. I’ll let the trailer, or more specifically, Bob Moak, do the talking. Shooting for a November release.”

Speaking of The Fated Assemblage of Dr. Malvagio as “loving homage” to the works of Italian giallo, there’s an added bonus for genre lovers. Kaelin has used parts of famous director names (and Italian names in general) for those of the characters in the film. Mr Martino, Mario, and Madame Fulci are just a few. Excellent! For a full cast list to see for yourself, click here!

The film stars Chris Humphreys, Heddi Bell, Dave Conover, Peter Rivard, Paul Brokaw, David Hatfield, Gabrielle Kays, Andrew Vittoe, Jimmy Humphrey, Rob Musick, Ron Chilton, Bob Moak, Rocko Jerome and Lucian Tomes Jr. (as Dr. Malvagio). In addition to writing, directing, producing, and editing the Dr. Malvegio, Beau Kaelin also created the film’s special effects!

Who is Dr. Malvagio, why does he have an assemblage, and why are they assembling? And, for the love of god, why are they trying to open the gates of Hell? Who knows, but surely they have a good reason! In any case, our interest is fully fueled. After the above synopsis, and several viewings of the teaser trailer below, Space Jockey Reviews is ready to know. Let the countdown begin! 😀

And now for a few screenshots from The Fated Assemblage of Dr. Malvagio. Enjoy!

Dr. Malvegio 007

Rob Musick (as Dr. Donovan Dante)

Dr. Malvegio 018

Chris Humphreys (as Carlo Ross)

Dr. Malvegio 011

Jimmy Humphrey (as Manxx)

Dr. Malvegio 012

Dave Conover (as Detective Jim Tanner)

Dr. Malvagio 013

Gabrielle Kays (as Yvonne Sidiqqi)

Dr. Malvegio 021

For the love of god, don’t open the gates of Hell! (Paul Brokaw as Reverend Kyrin Calliano)

Dr. Malvegio 016

Writer, director, producer, editor and, yes, special effects artist , Beau Kaelin

Also check out the official website for The Fated Assemblage of Dr. Malvagio!

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