Dissecting Cinema: Europa Report

Six astronauts go on a privately-funded mission to the moon of Jupiter known as Europa. Their assignment is to investigate the existence of life on Europa. Will they make it back to Earth? Will their data be saved or lost and gathered for nothing? Will the crew discover life on Europa, and, if so, will that life be friendly, hostile, indifferent, or something we can’t even imagine as mere Earthlings. And, is Europa Report worth your time to watch? Join Chris Rennirt and Zena S. Dixon, as they embark on their own search for answers in this episode of Dissecting Cinema!

“I want to go to Europa and go ice fishing, cut through the ice, lower a submersible, look around, see what’s there–see what swims up to the lens and licks it.” ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson (Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space/Associate in the Department of Astrophysics at the American Museum of Natural History)

Also, check out the trailer and otherworldly screenshots below!

Europa Report 016

A view inside Europa One, with mission commander William Xu (Daniel Wu) and pilot and archivist, Rosa Dasque (Anamaria Marinca)

Europa Report 018

Chief Science Officer, Dr. William Luxembourg (Christian Camargo)

Europa Report - Karolina Wydra 01B

Karolina Wydra (as Dr. Katya Petrovna) considering her job as Science Officer on Europa One

Europa Report 007

Life on a spaceship is sometimes all you’d imagine…and less!

Europa Report 005

Landing on Europa! What a beautiful view!

Europa Report 009

Watching oneself drift away from everything must be the purest form of horror in space! (A scene reminiscent of Gravity, occurring nearly four months earlier in Europa Report!)

Europa Report 006

Postcards from Space: “The view up here is so beautiful! Wish you were here!”

Europa Report 014

Whether on Earth or millions of miles away, a look is worth a thousand words!

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