Deadfall: Ground Zero

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Space Jockey Reviews is happy to be in blast-zone central with Deadfall: Ground Zero–the latest film from Remy St. Paul. From the looks of the behind-the-scenes photos below, Zombie Apocalyspe Response Team members will have their hands more than full fighting the hordes! Yes, even the best zombie outbreak shelters will offer little relief from this latest assault!

What’s better? (For the zombie-loving fiends among us, that is!) Lots for sure! Our very own Space Jockey Mya (aka Lien Mya Nguyen) stars in Deadfall as the ever-agile kicker of undead ass, Kegan. But, in this apocalypse, Mya is just the beginning of the bonus! Deadfall also stars Remy St. Paul, Darek SanchezChance GibbsAshliee Reeves, Lorraine Eubank, David Holder, Christina Baker, Kevin A. GreenGerrilee Danielle, and many more! (For a complete list of the cast and crew, check the movie’s IMDb page.)

What’s it all about? At this point it’s all top secret, protected better than the best government coverup! But fear not, zombie-hunting fiends! Our Space Jockey operatives found photos to make any gorehound salivate, even on a full stomach! Examine them well, and listen for the thousand words each one speaks. In the meantime, take shelter and hold firmly your weapon of choice! The apocalypse is on its way…and you’re at ground zero! Stay tuned to Space Jockey Reviews for all the latest!

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Deadfall-Ground Zero 001

Kegan (Lien Mya Nguyen) and Evan (Darek A. Sanchez) rethink their strategy in Deadfall: Ground Zero.

Photography by Keith Ludwick - Ashliee Reeves

Ashilee Reeves, as Sierra, is coming to get YOU! (Photography by Keith Ludwick)

Photography by Keith Ludwick -  Bethany Blakey, Alyssa Mayo

Bethaney Blakey and Alyssa Mayo – a beautiful undead duo! Yes, friends don’t let friends go hungry!

Deadfall-Ground Zero 003

Lien Mya Nguyen (as Regan) making child’s play of kicking ass! Yes, even the undead are no match for Mya; they shall die again!

Deadfall-Ground Zero 002

Even the best butt kickers need practice, and Mya gets it here!

Deadfall-Ground Zero 005

And even the best butt kickers get boo-boos!

Deadfall-Ground Zero 015 - Writer, producer, and director Remy St. Paul on the set with Lien Mya Nguyen and Darek A. Sanchez

Writer, producer, and director Remy St. Paul (center) on the set with Lien Mya Nguyen (left) and Darek A. Sanchez (right)

Deadfall-Ground Zero 011

A handgun, a golf club, or an M16? Choose your weapon well!


Deadfall-Ground Zero 012 (with Ashilee Reeves)

Jessica Dahl - Keith Ludwick Photography


Amanda Durbin Zombie 01Amanda Durbin Zombie 02


Deadfall-Ground Zero 009

Even heroine Lien Mya Nguyen is not immune to zombie fever! But, at least zombies can be put to good use on the set!

Deadfall-Ground Zero Banner 02Stay tuned to Space Jockey Reviews for all the latest about Deadfall: Ground Zero!

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