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Hero (Cassandra Ebner) aims for revenge in Croft.

Space Jockey Reviews is a big fan of the British heroine of video-game fame Lara Croft!  So, the latest film, Croft,  from Trevor Addie (Kill Switch) and Irma Leong (Warm Bodies) pushes the needle on the rocket meter to the limit! In the payload here is everything fans want! Cassandra Ebner portrays a Lara-like heroine with a realistic, ass-kicking proficiency unlike anything previously put to screen. Credited here as “Hero,” Ebner is just that; without the name Lara, she’s everything we expect our Croftian vixen of adventure to be…and then some!

“I hope he wasn’t your best.” ~ Hero

Yes, no ass is too big, too masculine, too weapon wielding, or too anything for “Hero.” And, the key to success here is the ingredient so sorely missing from previous attempts–realism! Yes, Ebner’s version purely and simply kicks butt like a flesh and blood human should–falling, bleeding, wincing, and yes even hurting when necessary. Ebner rocks the screen with action that moves us; she slides, falls and plummets, taking us with her to all the gritty, dirty, places a real action hero should go! Stylized violence always looks good, but it’s often more like a dance than anything we believe. In Croft, no dancing is allowed. Here, reality makes an encore performance every time!

Croft 002

Devyn Dalton (credited as “Girl”) laments the loss of “Hero.”

Croft is a short but powerful film about a woman who risks everything to save a girl held hostage in the mountains by a group of mercenaries. But, who is “Hero,” and who is “Girl”?  Be sure to listen for the name the helicopter pilot calls “Girl”! (Honestly, I missed her name the first time I watched it; and, what difference that makes!)  Is this a prequel to a prequel? Is there more to the story, waiting for another episode? Wink, wink! Perhaps the Illuminati can enlighten us! 😀

Croft is loosely based on the reboot of the video game series simply titled Tomb Raider, from Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics. Again, the originality is the simplicity of what is believable and real. Luckily, this not-yet-so-well-known gem of a short film is available in its 20-minute entirety for all to see right here! What’s better is that all the fat is trimmed to a bare bones efficiency that leaves no time to check the clock, get sleepy, or wonder what’s for dinner. Hollywood could definitely learn some things from Trevor Addie, Irma Leong, Cassandra Ebner, and all involved! The film also stars Liam Carter, Devyn Dalton, Nickolas Baric, Shaw Madson and Brad Friesen. Hopefully, there’s more of this Lara Croft backstory on the way! In the meantime, enjoy Croft!

Croft 014 - Cassandra Ebner

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Rocket Rating - 10

Rocket Rating – 10

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2 thoughts on “Croft

  1. I loved seeing this again. I watched all the behind the scenes footage she included in some of her vlogs ( Like you, I loved it. The only issue I can find with your review is that the little girl is Lara — the helicopter pilot asks her name at the end.

    • Hi Steven, and thanks for pointing out the important detail I somehow overlooked! I have revised my review to reflect that reference. That actually makes the movie even better! However, since I already gave it a well-deserved 10 rockets, I can’t improve the score. 😀

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