MISS FD: Gothic Greatness!


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Yes, I know this is a movie review website, but I just had to make a small exception for this awesome artist and gorgeous girl of goth–Miss FD! Besides, her music video has everything to make an exception that…well…isn’t really … Continue reading



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Short horror films have the extra difficult job of becoming horrific within a much smaller amount of time, without seeming contrived, forced, or hurried.  On top of all else, to be really good, they must develop the characters and make … Continue reading

Hannah Minx (Jinx) Stars in the Devil’s Carnival


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Hannah Jinx (aka Hannah Minx) stars in the new movie The Devil’s Carnival!  For those of you who don’t know Hannah, she’s the raven-haired video vixen of Youtube fame–doubling as the teacher of Japanese language lessons; no one ever complains … Continue reading



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As Grave Encounters begins, a TV producer is being interviewed about a program that’s about to air. He’s speaking very seriously, letting us know that, despite our doubts, this is the real deal, exactly as it was found, with nothing … Continue reading



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Dark House begins with three young girls riding bikes down a street that could be anywhere, towards a house you wouldn’t find anywhere.  The house is gaudy, Victorian, and more odd than scary, until we hear a scream from within!  … Continue reading