Return of the Living Dead 3: First-Time Fidelity, Love, Masochism, and More


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Zombie films are too numerous to count, biting flesh from the living and eating brains in every way possible.  Even zombie love stories are common now.  I’m thinking of movies such as Warm Bodies, Zombie Honeymoon, Pride and Prejudice and … Continue reading

Jennifer Linch: Sexy Couture


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YES! Like the title, director, writer and producer Jennifer Linch is “Sexy Couture” ad infinitum, in her latest video (from Julia Gilas Productions). Teasing us from scene to scene, in pink, complete with bubbles and music to make you dance, … Continue reading

Space Girl: Origins


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What are Space Girl’s origins? Thank your lucky stars! Space Jockey Reviews has it all in the latest episode of Space Girl (aptly titled “Origins”), starring model, actress and SJR favorite, Lauren Francesca! What’s better? For the male fans among … Continue reading

An Interview with Kaylee Williams


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Okay, space cadets! Here it is! The long-awaited interview with film and theater actress, model, and scream-queen favorite Kaylee Williams is finally off the launch pad! Easily looking the innocent victim as well as the heroine or femme fatale, Kaylee … Continue reading

The Torment of Laurie Ann Cullom


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A phobia is bad enough, on its own, without other terrors to make it worse. Yes! Just a fear of going out of your house can be the worst of things to haunt you. However, imagine a situation where your … Continue reading

Space Girl Adventures!


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Yes! Space Jockey Reviews loves Space Girl (aka actress and model Lauren Franscesca)! We’ve said it before and, no doubt, we’ll say it again. What’s new this time? A lot! Video maker Tyra Fake has created a video tribute to … Continue reading



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If Dr. Gruber only knew the cult favorite he started back in 1985, being the guinea pig for that florescent, now-famous, antidote for death. Yes! Who can forget the screaming Dr. Gruber, with eyes bulging, spraying blood from his ocular … Continue reading

ALIEN: Remembering a Classic


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If you’re one of the few who’s never seen Alien, read no more than this paragraph.  I wouldn’t want to spoil a classic waiting to be seen.  However, if you have seen it, you may be interested in my take … Continue reading