How to Survive a Horror Film


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In my years watching horror films, I’ve accumulated a book’s worth of advice for surviving one.  Yes!  Life in a horror movie is a close call at death every minute.  Arteries are cut, necks are broken, bodies are eviscerated, experimented … Continue reading

Steve-O Shephard: The Magic of Dr. Awesome


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Calling all Space Jockey lovers of imagination and art at its finest! Steve-O Shephard (aka Dr. Awesome – THE M.D. of body art and otherworldly creations – is in! With tools of the trade in hand and a portfolio to … Continue reading



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“Servile, Obedient, Immutable – Characteristics you’ve come to associate with the Robotlix Server Series. But how about compassion, empathy, love?” The year is 2022. Company spokesman Robert Watson (Jesse Hettig) says it well enough to be quoted, with classic infomercial … Continue reading

Onward to Paradise: Prometheus 2 Looks Ahead


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Rumors are rumors no more. A confirmed sequel is in the works for Prometheus, titled Prometheus 2 (alternatively titled Paradise). Ridley Scott is the director again (of course and thank goodness) as well as the producer, and Michael Green has been … Continue reading

Wet Your Lips for Apocalypse Kiss!


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Calling all Nexus 6 Replicants and sundry lifeforms across the universe! Humans, aliens, androids, and sentient beings everywhere are talking about this one. “Do androids dream electric sheep?” is the question we (like Philip K. Dick) seek to answer…all the … Continue reading

“Prometheus Actually Explained (With Real Answers)”


Space Jockey Reviews loves Prometheus–the prequel to the 1979 classic, Alien–even with the myriad questions and issues some consider unanswered, confusing, contradictory, and, in the worst comments, downright “stupid.” Part of the charm that Prometheus delivers is, in fact, just … Continue reading

Hayley Derryberry Interview


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Here it is–the interview that has already ignited stars in galaxies beyond our own! Of course, that one-and-only fully-fueled event is launched by none other than–Hayley Derryberry! Here, Hayley talks about her short films Blüm and MyShadow, her latest feature, Rabid … Continue reading

Jill Kill, Sex Robots, and the Future – A Killer Review of Looper and More


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A time-traveling Jill Kill makes Jill an honorary Space Jockey as sure as there’s an event horizon surrounding a quantum singularity at the center of the galaxy. Okay, well, even though the quantum singularity is all theoretical, there’s really nothing … Continue reading



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“Every king has his reign, and then he dies. It’s inevitable.” ~ Meredith Vickers As Prometheus begins, we are moved, like a bird, through clouds, over a beautiful landscape—a terrain with rivers and mountains leveling off to geography that seems … Continue reading



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Here’s the ever-ambitious, pretentiously-overreaching Sir Peter Weyland (Guy Pearce) of Weyland Industries.  (Of course, he’s a billionaire business man, as well.)  He’s stirred up a hornet’s nest of controversy, since his announcement of plans to build the first humanoid robotic … Continue reading

Happy Birthday, David!


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“What is it about robots that makes them so robotic?” Here’s a neat and very creative video produced by Twentieth Century Fox, promoting the upcoming release of PROMETHEUS.  It’s a mock commercial advertising androids produced and sold by Weyland Industries–the … Continue reading

ALIEN: Remembering a Classic


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If you’re one of the few who’s never seen Alien, read no more than this paragraph.  I wouldn’t want to spoil a classic waiting to be seen.  However, if you have seen it, you may be interested in my take … Continue reading