Carnivorous Love: Emotion With an Appetite Comes to DVD

Carnivorous Love, the new feature-length film from Timothy Tick stars, among others, Lien Mya Nguyen, our very own Space Jockey Mya!  Anytime Mya stars in a new film, SJR rockets are ready to launch, rumbling on the pad!  With a full payload, we proudly present the “The Nugget” trailer, starring the superstellar siren herself, as Nugget!

What is a nugget?  Yes, of course, “I know what a nugget is,” you say.  We do too.  But, to cover the possibilities completely (as there is more than one), SJR will do what’s most reliable–consult!  Definitions are as follows: “1. a lump of something, as of precious metal. 2. a lump of native gold. 3. anything of great value, significance, or the like: nuggets of wisdom. 4. a bite-size piece of chicken, fish, etc., usually batter-fried.”  Knowing Mya, it’s a 24K combination of definitions 2 and 3 — “[someone] of great value or significance,” surely as precious as gold.  (We know she’s not a piece of chicken!  Ha, ha!)  Yes!  Mya is certainly all of 2 and 3 and more!  The great value she has in Carnivorous Love is already obvious in the trailer.  Among other things, her contributions are hyper, sharp, explosive, and bloody!  Does she look a little crazy in this!  Absolutely!  But, “Bring on the insanitiy” is our motto!

Lien Mya Nguyen (as Nugget), showing off the remains of a meal in Carnivorous Love

Yes! With guns ablaze, swords slashing, blood squirting and kitchen utensils stirring, Mya is a force unrivaled in firearms, cutlery, spoons and spatulas!  As a battlefield babe or a kitchen ninja, she serves up Carvivorous Love as a buffet, with carnage like none we’ve seen before.  As for the plot, we’ll stick to the quote below.  As for the rest, the trailer (to the tune of the Nutcraker’s Danse Rusee) shows it much better than we could put it to words!

Nugget with a gun, and ready to use it!

“Sinister passions rise when young Fizzy falls into a dark love with the vigilante Sprout. Meanwhile an old serial killer awakens, leading Detective Pepper and Detective Neuman in the shadow of the cannibal Nugget.” ~ IMDB

Yes!  Now, we see Mya’s a cannibal, a serial killer and a candy lover too…devouring love, wherever she finds it perhaps, starving for more, even at a buffet!  Oh my!  Possibilities are endless, sweet and amorous, as our imaginations run wild with hunger!  With Mya as a love monger, you’re sure to love Nugget!

Nugget (Lien Mya Nguyen) aims at her prey, in Carnivorous Love!

Carnivorous Love is available now on DVD!  It stars Lien Mya Nguyen, Brianna Leblanc (as Sprout), Dana Shea, Eric Brazzeal, Jason Reynolds, Laura Welsh, Tamara Elizabeth Marshall, Calvin Morie McCarthy, Fernando Moreno, and Arjuna Dingman.  Stay tuned to Space Jockey Reviews for all the bloody latest!  Mya has a copy of movie on its way to us now!  We’re starving for it already!

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