Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans Marathon (Episodes 1 – 5)

Photo by James Blair (at WonderCon 2012)

Since Space Jockey Reviews posted its feature article, “Adrianne Curry as Leeloo: Memories Fondly Remembered“, the editorial staff at SJR (being solely and exclusively Chris Rennirt) has made an awesome executive decision that is still brightening stars throughout the galaxy. “What’s all the excess hydrogen about?” you ask.  From this stardate forward, Space Jockey Reviews will hereby host each new eye-popping episode of Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans!  Yes, my fellow space travellers, you read that right!  As the show blurb says, “Join Adrianne Curry on her journey across the country to discover what makes the greatest Super Fans in America tick! Adrianne’s love of all things Sci-Fi (and especially Star Wars) drives her on this quest as she explores her own fandom and the fandom of others.” And join her, we certainly will! The Space Jockey Rockets are fired up already!

Yes, in the interest of promoting the best, and panspermically spreading Adrianne Curry across the universe and all dimensions within and between, SJR has hereby devoted all necessary resources and cyber space for the mission.  To further remind us all (as if we really need it) of why Adrianne is so deserving, here’s a small token (or rather, huge chunk) of a memory to remind us!

The Star Wars loving Adrianne Curry as Princess Leia! (Even Gammorean Guards are no match for Adrianne!)

As if we needed reminding, there’s all the proof above–Adrianne as the ever-beautiful Leia. (Yes, I said that again!) . Adrianne is easily a fanboy’s dream come true; a comic-book lover’s favorite episode lived for real! A prouder, more beautiful nerd and geek would be hard to find, from the Magellanic Clouds to the Eagle Nebula! Search on my friend, and good luck on your journey!

“Yes, but is Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans worth watching?” you dare to ask. “Is hydrogen the most abundant element in the universe?” I answer. “Has the Sun already been around for four and a half billion years?” “Are protons and electrons attracted to one another?” Just in case you don’t know, the answer is a resounding YES, YES, YES, echoed to infinity squared…at least! There, that should answer that!

So, for your convenience (and pleasure!), all five previous episodes of Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans are captured below, for one marathon, complete with a short quote about the content. However, as you’ll see, Adrianne herself is the content, capturing the most cosmic, out-there minds in light speed or less. So, don’t fight the feeling! Let Adrianne’s g-forces of galactic greatness bring you down where you belong anyway! Sit back, forward, lie down, or however you prefer, and enjoy Adrianne Curry as she searches for a fan bigger than herself–the biggest super fan in the universe (or at least the biggest one the world has ever known). Even if she never finds the fan, you’ll love the search! Let the journey begin! 😀

“First stop: Elliot Sirota of the Mandalorian Mercs.” With the force of a quantum singularity on steroids, Adrianne as Princess Leia sucks us into episode 1, without mercy!

“For Episode 2 Adrianne learns more about the life of a Mandalorian Merc and reveals her own past as a Slave Leia and convention cos player!”

“In episode 3 Arianne and Elliot get a call from Steve Sanweet to come visit Rancho Obi-wan, one of the largest Star Wars Collection ever assembled.”

“In episode 4, Adrianne and Elliot continue their tour with Steve Sansweet of Rancho Obi-Wan, one of the largest Star Wars Collection ever assembled.”

“In episode 5, Adrianne visits with Steve Sansweet of Rancho Obi-Wan, one of the largest Star Wars Collection ever assembled.”

Stay tuned to Space Jockey Reviews for all future episodes of Adrianne Curry’s Super Fans! Yes, you can always find Adrianne in many other places, but no place is better than here! 😀

Check out Adrianne Curry’s Facebook Page for the latest from Adrianne Curry herself!

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